Recording software

Hi, I wan’t to record some of my matches but I have problem.

I tried bandicam and fraps, and no matter what software I use I always get some frame loss on the video output (not in the game) while there is large amount of effects on the screen.
Is there any software that can record SSF4 AE without a frame loss on my PC or am I doomed to buy some hardware?

I don’t need full HD but I don’t want to record in a bad resolution.

My PC configuration is:
Intel - I52310
MB Asus P8Z60-V LX
VGA Ati 6850 and I have 8 GB of DDR3 RAM

Thanks in advance

I presume you want to record matches played on same PC. Few years ago I recorded some SF4 matches via VirtualDub (Raw Avi & WAV PCM, 640x480 30fps). Only match or two were recorded in one take so I dont know how it would work for longer sessions. It was done in WinXP on Intel E2180 and 4 GB ram.

I wan’t to record online matches while playing and replays from the replay channel.