Recording SSF4 play

When SSF4 comes out my friend and I plan to do a lot of matches on XBL and I wanted to record them. I have a camera, but I really don’t want to just point it at the TV for various reasons.

All I really need is something that can accept composite input and store it as a video file (format unimportant), and then transfer it to my computer, preferably via USB. My monitor has composite out, but no other outputs as far as I know.

Alternatively I could plug my 360’s output into a device which both records the data and outputs it to a monitor in realtime.

The problem is, I don’t know if either such things exist. I’ve heard of something similar to the second one, but it cost a ludicrous amount of money. I’m looking for something in the 50 dollars or less range. Probably not gonna happen but hey.

My camcorder is an Aiptek HD 1080p. It CLAIMS to support composite in, but when I plug the TV into it it just stays black. If anybody has any experience with this camera any help would be appreciated.

Easiest and cheapest way is to get a capture card for your PC.

You really could have googled this.

You’re right. Why didn’t I just google capture card, especially when I didn’t know what one was 15 seconds ago? What a fool I am!

I suppose I should thank you for your help. Just don’t add the snide comment next time.

Is this snide enough for you?