Recording your hands

Hey all. Figured I’d ask here as I don’t really know where this would fit in. After watching a few videos with Desk and the Hitbox tutorials, I’ve wanted to do something along these lines for my character. Does anyone have suggestions on how to record your hands? Are we talking Tripod or something along those lines?

I would build a custom camcorder stand. Or get a mini tripod with flexible gripping arms on a lamp or something.

Hmmm, I had something like that that broke. The arms became too loose. Guess it was poorly made.

He used a Camera and a Tripod. You also have to do video masking so only his hands and stick would show. You’d need a pretty tall tripod though. Roughly 65+ inches so you can get a perfect helicopter view angle. There are other ways to record your hands as well. You can always have a buddy just hold he camera to record your hands, but that would more than likely end up shakey cam footage.