Recovery Cancelling in V? Expert Help Appreciated. Thanks


Hi All.

I was studying Zangief and testing out displacement of moves, attacks that move the character forward. Found a lot of interesting things, but there was one thing that jumped out to me as odd. Here is my list, for the sake of it =)

(most displacment)
Charged Stand HP
Crouch HP
Knee Hammer
Crouch HK
Crouch MK
Stand MK*
Stand LK*
(least displacement)

I had flagged Stand LK and Stand MK as displacement pokes. But when I tested them out. When pressed on their own, with significant pause in between, Zangief would not advance forward at all. It was only after repeated button presses, almost like chaining, mashing them, would you notice Zangief moving forward. Most prominent with Stand MK. And very noticeable. Covers half the screen in no time, after 10 rapid Stand MK.

This got me thinking about an explanation to it all. Say Zangief takes a step forward during the animation of Stand MK, and then steps back during the final frames of recovery. Is it possible, that the game, allows you to cancel those final animations frames, not allowing Zangief to step back, but instead start the next move? Much like a kara?

Test it out yourself. Rapidly pressed Stand MK, vs singular Stand MK. Huge difference in displacment. It’s got to be some kind of cancel or kara.

But it would be a good mechanism to understand, exploit and implement.


Yeah it’s known. It’s actually kinda bad to tell you the truth. But it happens with lots of moves across the entire cast. It’s pretty dumb.


Didn’t realise this was a thing. Good to know though. Cant say I like it.


Chun’s st.HP has this property as well, it’s totally ridiculous combined with V-Trigger.