Recovery Timing for Reversal against Torpedos/Rolls

Is it possible to shoryuken/tiger uppercut/flash kick a well-timed torpedo?

I try incessantly to reverse this move and I’m constantly getting the worst of it with Sagat.

Also if you must block it, what’s are some of Sagat, Ryu, Guile’s most effective responses?

I think I know the answer but don’t want to hear it–the move must be blocked. Makes sense because my well-timed fireballs as opponents recover usually always need to be blocked but I can’t stand the torpedo and want to make them pay a hefty price.

I believe you can hit it with most character’s DP moves.

You can also hit it with any very quick normal by spamming it over and over. For example, ryu can punch him out with his standing jab.

I’m talking about when they time it so that they are already on top of you as you’re getting up, i.e. their head is a frame or two away from contact If there is some space available, of course it’s an easy reversal but if they’re right on top of you, I don’t know that I’ve seen it reversed.

Yeah, it’s always* possible to reversal those. The worst case is that you’ll trade hits, but trading will usually leave you ahead anyway.

  • Except if you’re Dictator without a super, or Claw getting cross-up Honda headbutted**. In these cases, you’re just screwed.

** Cross-up Honda headbutts are incredibly hard to time, so don’t worry too much about those.

Are you sure about this? Devil’s Reverse doesn’t get him out of there?

Now that you remind me of that one, I’m not sure anymore. I think Devil’s Reverse doesn’t escape Hundred Hand Slaps, buttslams, or jumping :lk: tick throws, but it might actually escape headbutts.

Then again, it’s not like doing a Devil’s Reverse would put Dictator in a much better position than just blocking the headbutt…

Oh and Claw can backflip out of it too, forgot that option. It’s not exactly a powerful reversal but it does let you escape the headbutt’s chip damage.

Valle escaped hundred hands in the corner during a local match on Saturday using Devil’s Reverse. I know I was doing HP HHS, but I don’t know which version of the Devil’s Reverse he did. His character shot straight to the other corner too.

It might be something to test out locally. SweetJohnnyV and I have been getting together to test stuff out in practice mode. I’ll add this one to the list of stuff to try out.

You make a good point. Dic’s got better options to deal with headbutts. I think the only place doing a DR to avoid a headbutt be on wake-up if he’s low on life. But I don’t know if that would even work.

My advice would be to get a friend to headbutt you over and over in practice mode until you get the timing down. Also it would be a good idea to practice several of your options until you get the timing right. Also, a good way to punish FP headbutts as Sagat is to just neutral jump over it and combo/throw his ass.

Okay, next question. If I block the headbutt, is there anything I can do immediately afterward that will always hit the opponent or put them on the defensive? I will practice the TU response if I can get my gf to help participate. Or would someone here like to help me practice in a friendly match?

I think a Tiger Knee response sometimes gets met with a throw. Jumping at them eats an anti-air headbutt. Fireballs are useless.

Devil reverse should work against slaps… remember its not just the small time frame where he is invincible, but the hit box as he’s coming up as well which should avoid them.

I think that depends on whether he’s close to the corner or not. At mid-screen, I’d agree that doing that won’t help him much. But if it gets him out of the corner, I think it’s worth it.

I don’t believe there is. If you throw a fireball, they can jump it or butt-stomp you. If you do an uppercut, they can bait and punish that. And a tiger knee will probably trade with some attacks. You’re also too far out for any pokes to work.

You’re best bet is probably to just wait for a brief moment and try to respond to what they do next.

A tiger knee trades with a ton of stuff. However it can be worse. Whenever I hear the tiger knee sound I Ochio throw. Even if I don’t have it stored I have enough time to do it before he hits the ground. From my perspective I wouldn’t use Tiger Knee too often in this match if I started playing Sagat today.

As a Honda player I can’t think of a truly safe thing to do after a blocked headbutt. You run a risk of trading or straight losing to whatever you follow that up with.

I think SweetJohnnyV is right about what to do next. The only thing I have to add is try to get back into a zone distance. That’s the place a Honda player doesn’t want to be.

Why would you devil’s reverse and not just block and then scissor kick? I’m pretty sure deep headbutt is not safe on block.

So megamanpb, is a deep recovery headbutt always 100% reversable when met with a properly timed tiger uppercut?

Yes, if I understand you correctly. You are waking up and being hit with a deep headbutt, can you reversal that? Absolutely.

About those crossup Torpedos, can they be reversal Shoryukened or Uppercutted? I have no problems reversal Shoryukening meaty Torpedoes, but once in a while I get hit, and I think they were crossup Torpedoes. If so, that crossup Torpedo is incredibly dangerous. Except maybe for charge characters, as the direction of their specials doesn’t matter.

Dictator cannot reversal Devil out of meaty Torpedoes. I think he can reversal out of the crossup Torpedoes or in the corner Torpedoes, but not any other range for sure. Slaps can be Devil Reversed easily, but not Sumo Splashes or any jumpins. Dictator’s Reversal Super will always punish Torpedoes and Slaps and anything else. Reversal Scissor will never punish a blocked Torpedo or Super.