Recreate SF II Arcade Controller


Hi all, just signed up so this is my first post
I’m looking to mod my Nintendo Switch Hori RAPV with real arcade buttons like the Sanwa Denshi’s, matching the colour scheme of the original arcade (red white blue buttons) in preparation for the release of the ‘arcade perfect’ ports coming in the 30th anniversary collection.

Question is, what buttons were used on the official SFII cabs back in the day? And the stick?

I know a lot of the cabs in the 90s with SFII would have been retrofits but what would you say are good arcade parts to get for an authentic classic SFII arcade cab experience using this fight stick?



I think a bit of research would go a long way. There’s just so many variables, everyone is going to give you a different opinion. Specially if the opinions come from different parts of the world. What do you remember playing SFII with? Anything resembling something like that could be a good start?


It was an original SFII Champion Edition cab with all the original decals
From what I’ve read so far, many of the machines in the 90’s would have been generic with the CPS retrofitted to the cabinet.
I guess what I’m looking for are what are regarded to be the most common types of buttons and sticks used for classic Street fighter II so I can order them and put them on my fight stick to replace the clicky Hayabusa ones

Eventually I want to try to get some SF II artwork to replace the stock plain red finish


If you played with the original red-white-blue buttons for SF2, I believe you’re implying that you played it on North American stand-up cabinets.
Which means the joystick would have been a Happ Competition joystick, and the buttons would’ve been Happ Competition Concave buttons. Neither of which fit inside a HRAP V casing.


Ah ok, thanks! It was UK but may well be the same as the US
Actually the machine I use in LA is an original champion edition cab, I’ll pay more attention to the buttons and stick next time I’m there.
I may check out the Sanw abuttons as I can get at least the right colours for light medium and fierce punch / kick


you wouldn’t be able to fit those big American style buttons in that Hori shell, you could try and get a Mas stick and put Hori’s Switch pcb in it

random Mas Stick from google


or even easier and probably cheaper to pick up a loose Nubytech and swap in the pcb and some IL buttons and a lever

i sold my one on eBay few months back



You can fit American style buttons in the hori shell, however the ID is 1 1/8" which in turn is smaller than the 30mm hole in all hori shells. Clearance wise depends on the shell, in this case not a problem. Granted the button is loose, but if centered and tightened proper it shouldn’t be a problem.

What you really want is what Freedom Gundam said. What you are probably playing with right now is a dynamo SF2CE which is a kit conversion. I ended up restoring said cab, it came with and Ultimate stick, like most cabs at the time, not competition, given those were more expensive for the OPs. The old school concave buttons are vertical plungers unlike the later ones which are much better in design.

Now, we can go further back to leaf controls, but I don’t think they were around much with cabs made in the 90’s.

Long story short and best possible option is to get Industries Lorenzo euro competition stick and euro competition buttons. Happ originally in partnership with IL made excellent hardware but IL and Happ split. Suzo came in the picture to join forces with Happ although the quality faltered. IL however has gone independent. IL is from Spain, Suzo I believe is from Mexico.

The only downside to all of this; The IL Super Joystick is now extinct save for those who have them. My favorite American stick by far, leaf microswitches, round actuator, does 4 way if need be, good diagonals, great return to center. Happ owns the design thus the dilemma. Suzo just doesn’t produce the same quality. Small differences make a huge difference in the end.

Tldr: Go to Paradise Arcade Shop or Focus Attack and get Industries Lorenzo hardware.


IL Super, Comp buttons, Big Blue XvSF themed. This is my favorite combo for US style hardware, convex buttons are better for non ergonomic button layouts IMHO. I know it’s just a matter of preference but I like concave buttons on layouts that don’t require travel from your fingers.


What you need is this:


Most people dont like american style buttons/sticks. SF2 Hyper Fighting was my first arcade cab. I replace the buttons & stick w/ IL Euro stick & competition convex buttons. I think originally they were Happ competition & concave buttons.

Putting it in your arcade stick will require quite a bit of work. Would not be worth the time & money. Better off just buying or making your own. The SF 15th Anniversary would be the easiest. Just buy Brooks universal, IL Euro stick& buttons. Change the art & you’re good.


I play better on the baseball bat style American stick than the round ball Japanese stick…



What stick can I buy that has this for PS4 (US style bat sticks)?


I do not think any PS4 retail stick currently uses a battop. If the stick is Sanwa or Seimetsu (I think), you can buy battops for them at Arcade Shock, Focus Attack, and/or Paradise Arcade Shop. You would just need a screwdriver and/or allen wrench to remove the balltop and put on the battop.