Recurring problem with GGPO

I posted this on the GGPO troubleshooting forum but I needed to post this here because I’m sick of dealing with this and I need a solution…

I can have great games with certain people, with no lag or any problems, then there are certain people I play in which there are tremendous lag spikes and it is virtually impossible to play fairly.

I know it’s my own problem but I have no idea what it is. I use a Linksys wireless router as my default, a Vonage router for my phone and a Cisco cable modem. That set-up probably screws everything up and is probably the problem, but I just need to hear what people have to say about this matter.

There are also certain times where my ping is insanely Brazilian, if you know what I mean, and I think that greatly contributes to my problem- well obviously.

I’m pretty certain that this problem is due to Firefox not completely shutting down when I close the browser to start a game.

I haven’t had a problem since realizing this, thankfully; I want to at least get one decent session with damdai sooner or later. :slight_smile:

I played HAD0-KING last night on GGPO. Our connection would work and then SPIKE like a bitch and the whole program would stop for about 4 seconds, and then would start up again. Then, after a round or two, same thing, or it would just freeze and we’d have to start over. I asked him if he had his ports open, he asked what are ports?

Soo, maybe you’re playing people who don’t have their ports open? GGPO doesn’t seem to be consistent with open ports.

As far as I know, opening ports is to just get GGPO to start the game correctly.

Yeah thing is, HAD0 apparently didn’t know that you had to have ports open to play, so somehow he was playing me. And crashing a lot. I also shouldn’t be able to play, because I have a port issue I’m resolving, however, I can still play even when I’m not in modem mode. It barely works though.

So, it could be player ignorance that is messing up your connections withs a few folks.

Does anyone know why the emulator would stop popping up when trying to spectate or challenge?

It started a couple weeks ago, whenever I get a challenge, I accept, and nothing happens at all.

My ports are open, and supercade works with no problems, and I used to be able to play on ggpo just fine. There is a thread about this on, but I dunno if there will ever be an answer there :confused:

Reinstall GGPO and Adobe air.

Make sure windows firewall isn’t blocking GGPO.

If that doesn’t work…no idea.

Make sure you have the latest build of GGPO:

And IDK if the latest build of Adobe Air is buggy, but I use this build:

Download Adobe Air - Download -

I have no firewall, and updated ggpo to the new one when it came out a while back and had no problems, but I will try uninstalling adobe air

EDIT: Yeah no change, still fba does not pop up on challenge or spectate

Yeah I’m also having ggpo problems too. I can spectate but cant Fight no one. Keep getting “Connecting to Server” crap and my ports are open too.

Sorry to resurrect this old thread but I’m having exactly the same problem. Every time I try to spec or challenge/accept someone it takes around 40 seconds for the emulator to launch. Strangely, this doesn’t happen if I already have a spec window open. So the secondary window opens instantly but the first one takes almost a minute to load. This just started happening yesterday (never had any problems before). I already tried reinstalling ggpo/adobe, checking my ports, restarting my router, defrag…etc.