Recycle bin gone?!

it vanished, how do i make another:sweat:

do any other icons show up? which os? FINAL DESTINATION??

I’m assuming that you have Windows Vista. So right click on your desktop and select personalize. The control panel should pop up, and towards the upper left there should be “change desktop icons”. This should pop up another window which is labeled 'Desktop Icon Settings". Under the Desktop Icons put a check mark under “Recycle Bin”, and click apply and ok. Should be good to go.

Here’s a catch-all for Windows XP and down.

TweakUI is a Microsoft program that allows you to “tweak”, or customize how Windows works.

You should be able to get your Recycle Bin back by the simple selection of a check box.

Otherwise, you’ll have to play with your registry in Regedit.
Microsoft has sample *.reg files to remove and add the Recycle Bin back here:

If you need to get to your Recycle Bin quickly, without downloading,
open Windows Explorer.

Winkey + E
Go to your address bar and manually type in “Recycle Bin,” Then hit enter.

That’ll give you access to whatever files are there while you’re getting your Bin icon back.