So I run this program:

and it shows me the folders that use the most space and stuff.

It tells me that a folder called “RECYCLER” is using about 3 GB of space. I was wondering if I should delete the folder or not and if it’s safe.

Anyone know about this?

EDIT: I also have another problem not relating to this. So when I plug in my USB drive, open up My Computer and double click it, it opens in a new window. Is there a way to stop it from doing this because before it didn’t do it. I formatted it to FAT32 but it still won’t fix. After I format it I can double click it and it doesn’t open in a new window but if I take it out and plug it back in it does the same thing. I tested this on two computers…

Don’t delete it. Empty your “Recycle Bin”.

Recycler is the folder name for your “Recycle Bin” on a ntfs formatted hd.

The Recycle Bin is empty… -_-

I Googled it a while ago and I think they are temporary files that aren’t really deleted when you empty the Recycle Bin. After I read that I just wanted to make sure if I should delete the files in the folder… Anyone else?

get cc cleaner you can find it for free at it will help out loads.