RED ALERT RED ALERT ! WE'VE BEEN CORNERED BY YUN ! ( escaping the corner trap )

yeah this shit is scary … and screws your mind , because is so random .
yun can just walk back and forth and throw you .
tick throw …
what’s worse ? air dive and air forward mix-up on you !!
if you jump wake-up , you get meatied by c.forward .

let’s say …
corner poking pressure + short-meter + GENEI-JIN = say your prayer …

if the parry defence got screwed , sighhh…
1 BnB yun combo can build half of the meter .

well , in some worse scenario , i’m using alex X_X . alex is a few cm taller than the rest of the cast , which is good for yun to dive all the time and lesser time to estimate the precision to abuse air forward .

any tips ?
IMPORTANTLY , what kind of more stuff would yun do when we got cornered because we got hit by lunge punch ( qcf-hp ) or GJ-juggled from mid-screen to corner .

Only thing i do, is block low and sometimes option select. If you’re blocking, and you see he has less than half meter left, WATCH OUT FOR COMMAND GRAB. I use dudley and Ken, so sometimes ex shoryu can help, i guess with alex, maybe ex elbow slash could out prioritize something.

true on bacardi’s account saying ex eblow up close is a bad idea if hes doing the poke thing it has to much start up

suupaa on suupaa’s account saying oh, well thats why i dont use alex anyway.

EX- elbow slash is not a good close counter attack , the attack it self can get poked out .

what if you’re in the corner, and yuns trying to like jump divekick. can ex elbow slash be used to hit yun, or to get out the corner?

well get out of course , eeer how bout heavy elbow slash ?? still can make it ?

Just be like me & do psychic/guess parries. :tup:

Or you could be like KSK, block forever & stomp the command grab attempts.

I reccomend the occasional EX stomp or EX rising knee… If there’s any opening or if he has a weak spot in his poke strings (for example, stomps have lower priority than an EX rising knee), to get the momentum back into your favor.

If Yun is dive-kicking, f.strong might help.

If Yun’s got the pressure on you in the corner, c.jab’s your best bet.

pray to god that you’re not fighting a pro (ie pyro, ko, emphy, ricky, etc.) … cuz if you are… 99% of the time you gonna get f*cked up no matter what you do… learn how to react faster is the only tip i can give…

well eer … i got perfected Once X_X .
i was making decisions all the time when i got down and waking up at the corner , while yun is walking back and forth and do another throw …

ya, just block. his tick throwing is actually weak, unless he can get his close standing jab to hit meaty, and that’s harder than it sounds. once you block any hit, just wait for divekick unless you’ve trained him other wise.
ex stomp that shit if he goes for meaty d.fwd…don’t parry though, all his moves cancel into command grab.

if he likes to do meaty d.fwd, then command grab, just block high and watch it wiff.
if he likes s.feirceXXwhatever, don’t parry
if he likes s.forward meaty, you should watch for it, it’s the earliest meaty he has, and therefore easiest to parry.
his cross-up divekicks and regular divkicks all get parried the same way, and usually they are meaty so mash d.jab+short after the parry.

but, ya, alex dies.

how to block a meaty cross up dive kick ?

when upon wake up , alex’s waist got hit by it .

damn yun !

it seem that yun has a high probabilty of 8/10 of having his opponent get grabbed by his command throw during genei jin . is just too risky to predict .

With Urien, the only escape I know of is using a RH kneedrop during a break in his patterns. Are there any other ways of getting out? And with Ibuki, is EX dragon kick the safest bet?

lol, i use yun, and that means that i will never need to know how to block a meaty divekick in the corner. mid-screen, just block for whatever side he is on.

knee drop is gonna get you hurt, don’t forget about upkicks. ibuki ex dragon kick or whatever it’s called. you’ve got a better chance of interupting a block string with her standing jab than dragon kick, dragon kick has the potential to get you juggled where as a standing jab(2 frames right?), you’ll probably eat a short short feirce combo. either way you’re fucked.
places to escape:
if he ever hits feirce, jump back and knives immediately!!! this works amazingly well vs. yun.
if he goes over head, dragon kick that shit.
and if he stays in your face, standing jab.

urien should do ex-reflector if he doesn’t wanna die… try a EX head butt if you are cornered, you might get out.

sorry, though, those without good dp get screwed

just know that they are not masters, and they will attack. all scrub yuns will attack. infact, fuck it, all yuns attack, very few have the forsite to bate a dp cause they worry about not gaining back any meter…which is stupid, but, in the heat of the moment, what can you do?

Yeah, I’ve used EX Aegis to get out, but sometimes I don’t have the bar to protect myself. As for the Kneedrop, it actually works pretty well… Yun is short so I can jump out of the corner and dash away. I usually use it after I block, cr. lk, palm… but if he’s throwing overheads out, I can’t charge for it and am therefore screwed.

How useful is EX Tackle on wake-up?