Red bubble top..

Why don’t they make them? They have every color BUT red.

If they do… why doesn’t anyone stock them?

Yea, i was wondering that too. I love the look of bubble top and love red but couldn’t find them.

i wish they made these as well

There was one on the traiding post that mayhem was selling with buttons but it’s already sold so they did make them I assume but I think they got dicontinued.

Wow. Is red just not a popular color or something?

Well Sanwa didn’t make black buttons as a regular item and I could see those being popular, I think they randomly choose which colors to make. :looney:

What dicks.

Looks like I’m flying to Japan to beat ass until they make red bubbletops.

If they made red bubble tops, they wouldn’t sell any of their other colours.

Isn’t it obvious?

I settled for the solid red balltop for now…once I can get a red bubble top, I will be all over it.

Same, para, but it still sucks because my friends can get a blue and pink ones and look hella kewl omg awesome ^^^_ while i’m stuck with a red lollipop. =/

I was kinda toying with the notion of drilling out and tapping threads into a red golfball…has potential…except that I hate golf…


Fuck golf.

You could always get some plastic dye and soak a clear bubble top in dark red dye for a few days… that outta work.

might end up pink tho… risky.

I’ve always wanted a joystick with a skull top… muahaha

I’d rather not do that, and even then it probably would just look like a regular balltop and that’s not worth the time, effort, or money.



Clear bubble top + red LED shaft = ?!

Its impossible to make. Red Colored plastic won’t bubble, it only melts.

FUD :rofl: