Red bubble top..

try a clear bubble top with a red LED mod

FUD = Fucked Up Disinformation

Technically Seimitsu calls those “orange” but they are closer to red IMHO. Goes very well with red PS-14-K or vermillion Sanwa buttons.

Fear Uncertainty Doubt

Go with a meshball instead… :stuck_out_tongue: The red meshballs look great, or for an even more unique look, get your hands on one of the original run of pink meshballs, they’re much darker than the normal Sanwa pink, and look great with red buttons. Quick pic comparison, the left meshball is one of the new Akihabarashop ones, the right meshball is the original run. Pink Sanwa on the joystick and red Sanwa beside it for color comparison. Both of the meshballs have an iridescent shine to them that my camera does a horrible job of capturing, the original more than the newer one.

Clicky for big-size: