Red Dead redemption thread - 3:10 to No guts no glory


The official RDR thread!! discuss and share views…


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After being on the fence about this game i looked at the reviews and put in a preorder for the ltd ed. Cant wait to play :smokin:


Just got the game for the PS3, bout to pop this baby in!


This game is pure awesomness!


Just picked it up. LETS POSSE UP BOYS!


Alot of good “official reviews”. IGN puts it 9.7 Waiting for the Gamespot review.

But I wanna hear it from the SRK community. What are your guys review? I’m a big fan of cowboy movies and cowboys in general. Hell, I even have photos of me when I was a kid in cowboy costumes :lol:


hopefully some of you can tell me if its just gta4 in the wild west, cos that game was a waste of my time.


im on the PS3, send a request…ShadowAce50<< thats the number zero not the letter

I acutally went to the midnight launch since I have problems sleeping anyway…The line was actually pretty long, even longer than SSFIV…This game is the shit…its a little slow at first but the action picks up later on…the multiplayer is good…but there arent to many people on it yet…you can form up posse’s and run up into other gangs shit, I finally got a horse instead of that weak ass donkey they made it kind of hard to run from the lawman’s which is good…I took out a gang single handedly…im GDLK

its like GTA with horses and nerfed weapons…


Got it for 360 and ps3… Not sure which i want to keep it on yet. got friends on both system. I’d prefer xbox but ugh…!


Had fun with it last night, doesn’t seem to have nearly the tedium GTA does.


Can I have your PS3 copy?


I can’t wait to pick this up on friday i hope it’s not a let down like GTA 4 was


Ordered this piece from Amazon for sexbox. Should be fun.


So anyone play it a good bit yet? Hows the co-op/multiplayer stuff thats mainly what im interested in.


Is there a difference w/ the 360 & PS3 versions?


I’m holding off on this game for a little bit but I am really looking forward to getting it.


Has anyone had a go of free roam yet???


Hope this comes out for PC. Can’t stand aiming with any console controller.



PS3 gets extra content.

Amazon just delivered my copies (got both). Free release date shipping AND a $20 gift card.


We need to start an official posse folks. SRK GANG


I’ve been waiting for this game. It looks great, but I don’t know if I should get it for Xbox or PS3. What exclusive content does the PS3 get?