Red Earth custom arcade machine

This is a project of mine that I’ve been working on. Here’s the current status:

and here’s a Photoshopped veiw of what it may look like when it’s completed:

  • Dan

I like the bezel… but the rest of it seems really crowded together. Sticks and buttons I mean…is that just the traditional layout or did you make it that way? Seem like there’s room on the left of 1p that could have been used to give both players more space.

Either way, cool looking setup. Post pics when it’s done.

Yeah, the CP was already drilled that way. I suppose I could move Player 1 over to the left a bit, but drilling into metal is a real pain.

  • Dan

That looks awesome. :tup:

That looks good man, keep up the good work.

Probably just my personal preference…still look awesome, great work.