Red Eye Fight Nights 3 (Nov.27th)


Address: 21186 Hawthorne Blvd, Torrance, CA 90503


Entrance Fee: $3

Registration: Please register by email at Under subject, please put redeyefightnights3. Also in email please specify the gamer tag or name that you wish to go by and character choice. Email will be checked daily

Dates: Nov.27th

Time: Starts at 9pm. But final check-in is at 8pm.

System Format: PS3. Bring your own PS3 arcade stick or fight pad. (if you don?t have one, there will be a loaner for you to use. So XBOX players, come on down!!!)

Tournament Rules: Best 2 out of 3. Grand Finals are best 3 out of 5, but if you are coming from the loser?s bracket, you must win a set of best 3 out of 5 to reset the score.

Character-lock down.

Must specify character choice in registration email.

All tournament footage will be posted the day after on youtube under RedEyeFightNights channel.

All of the entrance fees will go towards the pot for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners.
Pot will be split 60-30-10.

The bonus of 20-10-5 for 1st, 2nd and 3rd is no longer available.

So the more people sign up, the bigger the pot

1st place winner?s entrance fee is wavered for the following Saturday tournament.

Purpose: Trying to give back to the community. Want to meet new players and to be an outlet for tournament players, who need a place to go for some friendly-competitive fun.


*I also have Super street fighter 2 turbo HD Remix, if anyone is interested in that game, let me know.

Thx Joe for hosting. I had a lot of fun playing with you guys and my friends. It was good to see where we’re at. Hopefully we’ll be there again this SAT 11-27-10.

Results from SUN 11-21-10:

1st: AEROPLANE (Renso)
2nd: JoontheBaboon
3rd: Ark Impulse

P.S. Fuck Guile.

hahahahaha joon don’t be salty. haha but you are right, fuck guile hahaha

thanks to OnlineTony, JoonTheBaboon, Ark Impulse, Jnana, AxxRyhmingxxApe, Renso, Hawksauce, Xpulse, PeeWee, Pun, IAmZero, SmashFury, Saikyo-Kun, Kame303, E2DR, JKenji, Jason, KlumzyRice, A1saucedaboss, and merciless for making RED EYE FIGHT NIGHTS a succuess last night. thank you.

2.renzo (aeroplane)
3.ark impulse

Congrats to winners! Those finals were tense. Renso where do I know you from? We’ve met before and I can’t remember. I was too tired to think to ask LOL.

I was disappointed because I played really bad!

The event is fun but soon enough we’ll need a bigger venue.

Thanks Joe!!!

^I feel like you played a bit nervous. I’ve played you at Don’s and I know you’re better than how you played me

thanks joe for hosting. I think I figured why xpulse’s(zangief player?) stick was “malfunctioning” during my match against jnana. The PS3 controller was still synced, so whoever had it in their hands during my match… i hate you.

@ Lvangundy thank you for coming. it was nice to have you there. you are welcome back this saturday for RED EYE FIGHT NIGHTS 4.

@resres you played really well and i am glad you came. come back this weekend for RED EYE FIGHT NIGHTS 4.