I am sad to inform you that this Saturday?s RED EYE FIGHT NIGHTS will be the last one at the Red Eye Liquor. Due to the raise of higher rent and the inability to renewal the lease, the Red Eye Liquor will be closed down after Sunday night. So I hope that everyone can come out and give me one last chance to host my tournament at the Red Eye Liquor and let me the event go out with a loud BANG! But don?t worry, RED EYE FIGHT NIGHTS may no longer be held at Red Eye Liquor anymore after this Sunday, it will still go on. I just need a little time to find a new venue. So please be patient. Also if you have any ideas for a possible new venue I would love to hear your suggestion. If you would like to stay in contact with me, my cell number is 518-331-9779. And my PSN id is SHINSUKE82. Please add me to your contact list on PSN. And if you choose to call me, send a text with your name so I know who the number belongs to. And finally THANK YOU to every one that has come out to the first 4 events. RED EYE FIGHT NIGHTS will end at Red Eye Liquor after this Sunday, but it will live and continue somewhere else.


Address: 21186 Hawthorne Blvd, Torrance, CA 90503


Entrance Fee: $3

Registration: Please register by email at Under subject, please put redeyefightnights5. Also in email please specify the gamer tag or name that you wish to go by and character choice. Registration will end Friday night at midnight. Email will be checked daily

Dates: Dec.10th

Time: Starts at 9pm. But final check-in is at 8pm.

System Format: PS3. Bring your own PS3 arcade stick or fight pad. (if you don?t have one, there will be a loaner for you to use. So XBOX players, come on down!!!)

Tournament Rules: Best 2 out of 3. Grand Finals are best 3 out of 5, but if you are coming from the loser?s bracket, you must win a set of best 3 out of 5 to reset the score.

Character-lock down.

Must specify character choice in registration email.

All tournament footage will be posted the day after on youtube under RedEyeFightNights channel.

All of the entrance fees will go towards the pot for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners.
Pot will be split 60-30-10.

1st place winner?s entrance fee is wavered for the following Saturday tournament.

Purpose: Trying to give back to the community. Want to meet new players and to be an outlet for tournament players, who need a place to go for some friendly-competitive fun.


P.S. if there is alot of people coming, will someone be kind enough to bring a 2nd or even 3rd setup? thank you very much


As a Torrance native I’m sorry to hear the liquor store is closing. I mean there are so many places in Torrance that went out of business, I don’t understand why commercial property owners in Torrance raise the rent. Do they want all the businesses to leave Torrance? They’re such greedy bastards.

Well I wish you and your family good luck in the future. I’m sorry to about the store.


@Ni8wing, thank you soo much for the kind words my man. i am in total agreement with you. it is sad cause we have been their tenants for 5 years now. and they will show us no courtesy. whatever. i am more upset that i will have to put red eye fight nights on hold for a while till i can find another venue. at least i know that you will hold up the community here in torrance for me.


Of course bro. Come over tonight if you can. Or any other Friday I’m hosting. Text me at 310 344 9367.


right on dude. my number is 518-331-9779. it is a new york number cell phone but i live here so no worries.


Thanks Joe for hosting! I really hope you find a new venue. I think you’ve been doing a really good job holding these events and opening up another place for the South Bay. Hopefully, you’ll still stay around here at least. =p

annnnd GGs to everyone else.


I agree. Joe, thx for being a good host. You and your friends/brothers are mad chill. Even though Red Eye Fight Nights ran short, it was one of my favorite casuals so far.

Let us know how you’re doing in Garden Grove: (I think mysticnamja is holding casuals; he’s cool).

You have our #'s and e-mails.


Somebody mention the porn. I’ll mention the porn. That was good shit. The tournament I mean, not the porn. I didn’t win the porn. Porn.


Thank you for hosting such a nice event. Too bad this was my first, but probably the best one!!!
As soon as this comes up again I’ll come and support!
P.S. Thank you for the pizza and candy. <3


Damn, too bad we didn’t take some vids of the event. There were some good times and good laughs last night. This “last” event at Red Eye Liquor I shall remember for a long time. Oh, and porn. lol. Random tourney for the last of the nudie mags was just hilarious!


haha dude you guys got the good one! I never played so serious.


Sorry I didn’t make it yesterday. I was pretty tired after the MVC3 Food Fight. Even though I didn’t go yesterday, thanks joe for being such a good host the whole time and really caring about the community. gl with finding a new venue and i hope to see the rest of you guys later sometime.


thank you everyone. red eye fight nights will return. i just need time to find a venue, but it will definitely come back.