Red Focus Cancel.....what does it do for Sagat?



As the title states, I cant think of efficient ways to use red focus cancel with gat. I find that i largely ignore it. anybody get any mileage out of this? if so, chime in and spread the knowledge.




I did some testing on red focus combos off of stuff ending in Tiger knees vs fadc off of uppercut combos. Really, for one extra bar most of the time your getting 70-100 extra damage from hit confirm combos. you’ll get a little more from a punish (cr. mp TK red focus cancel to ultra/combo of choice).

Is it worth the extra bar for that kind of damage? I don’t think so, with 3 bars I’d rather be 1 bar away from another fadc uppercut.

The main button I’ve used red cancel on is the first hit of stand hk, theoretically its possible to stand hk red cancel into the combo/ultra of your choice, but I’m having trouble thinking of applications that aren’t just raw reads. I guess if you wanted to ultra with less scaling, you could confirm cr. lk x2, stand hk focus red cancel into ultra? didn’t test that yet.

but then again I might just suck, might be some cool applications.

You can focus red cancel from high and low step kicks, I guess if you were out of ultra range you can kara - red cancel to crumple, then get the full ultra animation. gimmicks!


Hey hellbox, I saw the kara RF cancel gimmick in one of them overview vids…seemed like a nice little surprise to throw out there every once in a while.

was aware of the tk RF cancels, but they didnt seem all that worth the bother. probably something i’m missing, but besides the odd surprise here and there out of a read or a punish on people who love pressing buttons, i don’t see any functional utility for RF where Gat is concerned.

lets see what the others come up with.


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Ummmm…yeah. Ditto to what everybody else said