Red names online?


I was wondering what the red names mean online in what seems to be ranked matches. If I understand it right it means someone who has a high disconnect ratio. (ie: Poor connection or ragequitting) Earlier today my name went red but I haven’t rage quit at all and although some matches were a bit laggy, all were played through completely. Does the red name mean anything else or does anyone else have any other ideas or information on this? Thanks!


That’s all the game says it means, it might have been a bug since the connections went wonky for a bit.


If that’s what it means according to the game and nothing more its got to be some sort of bug since Ive never been disconnected from a game and obviously never quit.


This is currently happening to me as well. I believe it’s an error in the netcode since the same problem occurred during the launch of BBCT and iirc BBCS had this problem had a small time too. It was fixed within a couple of weeks though, so I wouldn’t really worry about it.


That’s fine if it gets fixed soon and things are reverted, because as is this is inhibiting my ability/right to a decent game. lol