Red Octane Case - iL/Happ eurojoystick

I’ve seen many threads about the red octane case and the euro/compstick, and they all say that the Red octane case needs modification to fit an iL stick, but I was wondering what sort of modification it needs.

I’m guessing the bottom has to be routed out, but I dunno how deep.

Also, if that isn’t enough, maybe the top part of the case also has to be routed.

Does anyone have any experience with this?

(sigh I really wish it was just a “hotswap”)

Other than that, I’ve heard a JLW-UM-8 fits, and I was thinking of trying to put a Korean stick in.

Anyone have experience with either of those?

And finally, does anyone have a template for artwork on these sticks :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve got a Happ competition stick, and its quite a bit deeper than the JLW stick. The custom stick I made had to be 3.25" high - and I had to route out some of the interior of the 3/4" top panel partially for internal clearance, partially for joystick protrusion preference.

Modification I can imagine would be removing the bottom panel and making a new one with a spacer to extend the interior space of the case.

Take the bottom of the stick off and measure the interior space and post it. In the mean time, I’ll find the Happ/IL measurements I’ve got somewhere.
Same dimensions as the IL Eurostick. Bottom mount depth is 2.09". Call it 2.125" for measurement ease. Bear in mind that mine is on the thick panel setting, with the E-clip in the lower slot on the shaft. I am not familiar with the Red Octane stick, but it does appear from the few pictures I’ve seen to be a thick top so you will probably be fine.

If it’s this redoctane stick you are talking about

then I had to route both the bottom and top to get the iL to fit, but since I don’t have access to a router, I ended up using these two

and ended up with this. it doesn’t look pretty, but it works and you can’t tell from the outside.

Awesome. That is exactly the kind of thing I was blabbering on about.

Upas, measure the interior dimension anyway, I’d like to have the hard numbers in a post.

Will do, its good to have it somewhere.

Heh, i’m gonna have to do almost exactly the same thing with the same tools :smiley:
At least I don’t have to go and buy anything!

As promised:

The INTERIOR is 12" x 6.5". It is 1.5" deep in the front and 2.25" deep in the back.

I’m thinking of just getting a JLW and not bothering with the case mod.