Red Octane Results


I got tired of waiting for a thread to show up and I know that there are a lot of others waiting for it too so here are some results for my fellow impatient gamers.

1st Peter Rosas **Combofiend **
2nd Julius Jackson Dumb_Ass_Combo
3rd Daniel R. ruin-
4th Harry Potter picolo

1st Alex Valle CaliPower
2nd Mike Watson watts
3rd Jason Cole
4th Alex Salguero

1st Alex Valle CaliPower
2nd George Posadas Gee-O
3rd Mike Hernandez ClubberZ
4th Long Tran **ShadyK **

1st Daniel R. ruin-
2nd Saif Ebrahim ID
3rd David Tu Deuce
4th Romel Shaheed** Chaotic Blue **

3rd Strizzle
1st Frankie Melendez
2nd Mike Fauson pyrolee
3rd Hung Han HungBee
4th JR Rodriguez

Congrats to all the top players and mad props to ruin- for taking ggxx AND placing freakin top 3 in marvel. Good stuff.

Also valle won cvs2 and ST… someones coming out of retirement :eek:


valle need to start playing marvel again:D



GOOD SHIT TO JULIUS JACKSON! who did Julius play against before he got to finals?

also congrads to people who topped.


yea i wana know the teams aswell. who was ruin using?

and wat were the highlights and upsets in the tourney( if there were n e)



Ruin used Storm/Sent/IM and Storm/Sent/Commando

Julius started using Cyke/IM/Doom and got another Cyke OCV. Then he started using WM again.


valle lost in ST winners finals to me. :slight_smile: then we played “zangief rules the world” and split the pot.

sorry alex, gotta brag about something, cause i went 2 and out in 3s. fuck ucla 3s. :slight_smile: no disrespect to those who beat me, but 3s at ucla kind of blows, and those who finally realize that the big screen sucks, good for you. :slight_smile:

side note, i lost both matches on small screen… omfg…

peace watts…



ill just post what i know

Julius put soo in losers
and potter took soo out the tourney

shadyk lost to some HP member (sorry dont know name)
shadyk beat Mag

clockw0rk lost too junior/soo

i lost to clockw0rk first round ><

i took shadyk/junior/potter out

julius took me out


what teams were used by valle and gee-o in the finals of cvs2? i’m guessing gee-o used something like P-CBS, but i’m just guessing.


PS- congrats clubberz! remember talking to me at evo during the 3S finals?


damn soo. its aite dawg. hit dis nukka up on aim yo. kkganpae



WOW! Top three Marvel players all using Iron Man in a fairly big tournament, looks like he’s coming up. Anyways good tourny Sin, had a nice turn out with alot off good players. Keep it up.:slight_smile:

P.S. Whoever did the apex results didn’t put my handle (AERO) I would appreciate it if you could fix that, thanks.


wow some suprising news. wish i could of been there to see them matches. guess ill just have to wait till next time.

peace ~1~


Come to think of it… UCLA 3s does suck. :mad:


Sup homie. This tournament sucked balls. Worst tournament I ever been to. But I lost to decent people. And fo sho I be hittin’ you up on AIM. Keep it gangsta.


Valle: A-Akuma/Sakura/Bison R2 & K-Ken/Cammy/Sagat R2
Gee-O: P- CBS. P-Kyo/Cammy/Blanka, P-Blanka/Cammy/Chun (Cammy and Blanka R2’s
Clubberz: C- Guile/Sagat/Blanka R2 C-Guile/Chun/Blanka R2 C-Sagat or Chun/Blanka/Guile R2

Frankie3s: Ken & Ryu
Pyrolee: Yun
HungBee: Oro

EDIT: I remember top 3 characters for ggxx

ruin-: Eddie
ID: Sol, Anji, Testament
Deuce: Faust


ruin is a sure thing yall niggas might blow




ruin owned me for free 2 rounds with sent. i feel like a bigger scrub than before i played him:(


Nah dude, don’t feel bad; ruin is a really good player.


i feel the same pain.