Red Octane stick comparison question

I have a Red Octane stick with competition pushbuttons, but the stock stick. I like the stick fine (more or less), but the only problem it gives me is doing :dp: For the life of me, I cant do them on the stick. I play 3s Hugo, so it really doesnt bother me very much. I do want to learn other characters on stick, so not being able to do a :dp: is a hassle. Which stick has the same general feel as the stock Red Octane? I mean, I know the Sanwas or Happs are better, but I am looking for relatively a very similar stick that can let me be more accurate with the inputs. The stick currently is looser than a $5 whore, so doing stuff with Hugo is no problem. That is probably why I cant do :dp: motions…

I read up on it a bit, and the genreal consensus is that the stock stick is ass, so I am looking for a replacement that has a similar feel, but isnt grade A ass…


lol wtf? basically you want a stick that’s broken into but not a piece of shit. You might as well jsut buy a comp happ since they’re usually with the stock soft spring. Or get the heavy duty spring and break it in, although it’ll still be hard as fuck…like my penis when I’m lookin at your mom.


i have 2 old pelican real arcade sticks and i took out the stick of one of em

its loose as hell but itll work for what you need

PM me if your interested in it

Sorry the question is so vague, but this is my first joystick (been a pad player all my life), and I’m not usre really what is available.

Well, not necessarily broken in, just a similar feel. I mean, jap sticks dont feel the same as american, for example. Just looking for one with a similar feel, but much more accuracy overall. I think I will go for a Happ competition one…

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hey Samuel T. Grammar theres no need to insult the guy when he’s asking a genuine question

Hey, the stick you are looking for is a sanwa JLM. these sticks are very similar to the RO, only much higher quality. If you want it to match the RO, you will need to get a seperate bat top, but all the wiring and stuff you can simply take off the RO stick and put on your new Sanwa. the mounting plates should even match, so its a very easy mod to do. you won’t even need to desolder anything, unless someone put a custom PCB in it.

Also, you can put a circular restrictor in your JLW for a round range of motion, since you are a Hugo player like me. If I dig deep I can probably find one.

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Cool! That is the info I was looking for. I kinda figured a Happ would be the closest there, but I guess I was wrong:) I guess I better start shopping for one.


<i>Edit</i>It is JLW and not JLM, right? I couldnt find any JLM but found JLW. Thanks again:)

I think he means the JLF-TM, which is a JLF-TY with out the circuit board but just micro switches instead.

Actually, I’m pretty sure that thing swaps out with Happ sticks right away. But honestly, I think the sanwa sticks are better. :rofl:

edit: Might be JLW. Oops. Seriously, it’s a US made stick, but just to make sure, open it up and show us pics inside!

Yeah I meant JLW. Sorry. Happs wont fit in there by default, its kind of a pain to put them in. I had to have my case routed out on the inside of the top and the bottom, and still it barely had room and would sometimes scrape the bottom.

If you make a new bottom for the case for extra room and get a longer shaft for your happ, that would work, but if you want it like the stock stick, get the sanwa JLW.