Red Octane stick on sale: $20

You have to go through this link to get it for $20, its a special sale through Cheap Ass Gamers:

$20 is worth it for the case alone, mod it and replace the stick and buttons, and you’re set.

Just a heads up for aspiring modders who want a decent, cheap case.

Yeah I was about to post this yesterday, good deal indeed.

yeah the cases are great, man even when they were sold empty they werent that cheap. that’s awesome.

2 questions:

  1. how long is the sale going for?
  2. is this stick worth to buy even if you dont want to mod it?

Just placed an order for 3 of these. Killer deal. Free shipping over 40.00 Their cases are well built. Gonna be modded of course.

how’s the stick in this? has anyone used one out of the box? i’d replace the buttons w/ sanwas but it says the stick was “japanese-inspired.” does this mean it’s got a square gate or what?

Awesome cases, but the stick sucks. I have had a few of these. I have not even been able to do a single dragon punch with the stock stick. it does have a low profile with a square gate, if thats what they mean by japanese inspired, but you can’t (or I haven’t been able to) use this with a lot of PS2 games, including Namco anniversary. Definitely Mod this one, at the price, its awesome.

The stock stick is ok. It is a piece of junk compared to an actuall sanwa or siemitsu joystick. But in terms of cheap china made arcade parts it isn’t the worst stick in the world. It does have a square gate. It is sort of a modified clone of a Sanwa JLW. The base is similar to a JLW but it has a longer shaft so that it can be bottom mounted, and it uses cheap microswitches. The buttons are ok too. They are pretty much the same buttons that are used in the X-Arcade joysticks. Again not the best parts in the world but you could do far worse.

It is definetly worth getting some of these for modding.

how long will this last? i wont be getting much money till like the 15 this month and i see that they can ship internationally also are those PS1/PS2 Universal adaptors anygood?

By the way i got 2 Competition sticks ready for these babies and also got buttons from my hanaho hotrod, one more question would it be possible to put artwork underneath that control panel?

i’ve heard the cases are too shallow for american parts, can anyone confirm ?

It has been awhile since I had one but if I remeber correctly they are just a tad too shallow for american parts. If you rout out a little bit you could make an american stick fit. And Happ push buttons will fit just fine.

I know american parts fit perfect in the older cases, but I have heard the newer cases are slightly thinner and may cause some problems. I think that if you have access to a table saw, you could cut a bit off the bottom of the happ stick shaft and should be cool. Hell, I’ve even taken a chisel and chiseled off a tiny bit of wood from the bottom of a Pelican Real Arcade Universal to make a HAPP ultimate stick fit inside of it, so you can definitely make it work. At this price, it’s a steal.

Edit: to all those who wondered, the sale is supposed to go on “Through October,” which I take to mean until the 31st of this month.

With the new shallower depth is it easy to fit a sanwa in now or would it still be a lot of work?

The joystick is mounted on wood not metal. So, you definately have to do some work to get a sanwa in there.

Yeah, I got a homie who put a Competition stick in and he had to put spacers between the case and the bottom cover to make it fit.

What are spacers and where can you get them from? Website link with pics would be great.

I bought 5. I’m going to try modding these with Sanwa joysticks. I’ll tell y’all how it goes :slight_smile:

I just ordered one, and plan to replace it with Happs stuff. But I was wonering, can anyone update when they get theres on how to mod the stick and buttons? I’m a total n00b to modding sticks, so I’d like to know how to do it all. Preferably the EASIEST route, in terms of least amount of modding. Thanks.

I would be all over this deal, but what Xbox converters work with Red Octane? A friend of mine has one of their older sticks, and it doesn’t work with my Magic-Box converter.

man i jus picked up 3, 2 for me and 1 for a friend. i would say making a controller, the longest part is making the actual box. my first box, with limited tools, tok me 5 hours just to make the outside box, lol. for 20 bucks, its worth it for the box alone to me.

i woudl recommend everyone to get one. then u can mod it easily, since you have a perfect box already!