Red Pantie Addict Anonymous: Sakura General Discussion!

The chun forum has one of these and it works very well ( I think it helps prevent threads from being made as well)

Basically it’s just a random thread if you’ve ever seen the fellowship, you know Sakura needed one of these threads too!

So talk about whatever you want, whether you just ran into a fellow Sak player online or you made a random discovery or observation then this is the place for you. Basically, if it doesn’t fit into one of the stickies, put it in here!

GG to RJX13… i was taking a sakura break and picked chun. If I knew you were on the forum sooner I would have definitely picked sak!

Every notice that Sakura is always smiling while fighting and after she is knocked down she grins a little. How can you not love a girl who no matter how rough its going she is always smiling.

yeah, she does always have that random look on her face hahah

Kind of a blasphemous question for this thread, but I’d like to play sf4 at an arcade at some point and I don’t know what character to pick… Our girl sakura won’t be an option so who should I pick instead? Recently I started messing around with gouken, but I don’t think he’s available in arcades either.

Or should I just ignore arcades until they come up with an arcade cabinet that includes sakura…

TBH, ken really is kind of fun. Give him a shot, he’s got some fun mind games you can play with people and fun combos.

this is the least appealing strategy thread title in the world.

It’s not a strategy thread, you obviously missed the whole point.

I like the freestyle writing, it works.

maybe she just enjoys it rough?

whoa why did JDM’s post all get deleted?

anyways shytzoo i’m hitting you up for some mirror matches in a bit, having some drinks with a few people over here ATM first lol

I must start doing this aswell. Drinking before playing lol. Last week I was drinking, not looped, just a couple pints and a roach and my game was well elevated. I always thought I would play bad, but the reckless “I don’t give a toss” play actually worked really well. Maybe I over think when I play sober and just don’t go for it hahahaha

Haha thanks, i really dont like facing chun-li simply because she outpokes me and considering my very aggressive play style simply wont work against her lol

hmm would like to try a mirror match sometimes, see how decent i am haha =P

yeah we can do that, shoot me a FR and next time im on we’ll get some games in.

lol shytzoo our drinking schedules didnt line up last night, maybe tomorrow night?

hahahha yeah dude… definitly try tonight… i just had to go out to the bars for this girls birthday… i ended up super shitfaced and probably threw up somewhere… im not sure…

i’m actually in the car on my way into the bronx to see the met game, so i won’t be back until like 12-1 or so, it’s friday so I can’t tell when I’ll be back but we’ll see

Sakura<3<3<3<3<3<3 big googly eyes

ahhhh… well im going out drinking tonight with a girl friend of mine who just graduated college… but… im pulling an all nighter so i can make it to the graduation ceremony tomorrow morning… so ill be on all night after i get back, not sure when that will be… if you have AIM i would send a message to my AIM (vert conspiracy) to see if im actually here or not hahaha

I was in no mood to play last night after the game and the trip home, my bad. I’ll add you on aim next time i get on so we can figure this out haha

good games today blueflamingo… youre crossunder mixup game was deadly… hahaa… soo many crazy comebacks too (on both sides) hahahah… i was like OH SHIT NO WAY!!! but all in all, crazy fun games…

yeah dude it was tons of fun… honestly i wanted to keep playing man but my friends are all giving me shit so I HAVE to go out drinking for a while lol. i either need to pregame more or not drink at all next time we play, i was in combo limbo lol. We play super similiar man its’ crazy! ggs well do it again soon