Red Pantie Addict Anonymous: Sakura General Discussion!



Shes not top tier imo but she is still good man. It’s just harder now because no more free corner escape tatsus, j.hp slightly weaker, ex tatsu +2 from +4, air tatsus midscreen to bait anti airs is not as reliable now, u2 to catch crossups pretty much gone, dwu(obviously), etc etc.

If they fixed her EX DP getting blocked after first hit when going through a Fireball at a decent range then she would be really really good imo.

She got great meterless damage, great stun, amazing anti air in cr.hp(problem is she does not get rewarded well for anti airing in terms of damage and stuff like some other chars do for example Ryu DP FADC Ultra), good mixups, yeah her footsie game is pretty predictable, backdash aint the greatest, good frametraps, ex hadouken buff is nice, st.hp buff is cool but very limited in use due to the startup.

I wouldn’t change her hadouken to be like Ryu’s it would make her too good imo. Maybe adjust the recovery frames slightly or make her hadou go fullscreen is all i would change.

So for buffs i feel all she really needs is EX DP fix and maybe a slight buff on her hadou recovery wouldn’t hurt.


Sakura is upper-mid, but that is a very compressed part of the list and the reasons she isn’t higher has more to do with other characters’ strengths than her weaknesses. Ultra is much more ground-based than AE, and she is one of very few characters that can turn a far range whiff punish into 400 damage and 500 stun.

IMO this is the strongest version of her to exist when not accounting for what delayed wakeup did to the overall game. All she really needs is for Shouoken to be properly fixed. Her bad wakeup is her tradeoff for her offensive power; she still has all the tools in the world to keep from getting knocked down in the first place if you play solid. I really enjoy where she’s at now, the way she requires a mix of old school footsies and new school execution.


Yeah pretty much, shes fine as is and very well balanced apart from her EX Shouken getting blocked on hit when reading a projectile at mid range.


You know how people joke that there are “25 characters in the top 10”? Sakura feels like one of those characters to me. She’s not exceptional in this version, but she’s definitely a force to be reckoned with. Not many characters have her damage potential, and very few have the option to reliably land said damage from a whiff punish. Her offensive game is very strong, obviously, both in terms of options and rewards. Her buttons are good and cover most bases in neutral. Her wakeup is pretty bad, but that’s just something you have to live with.

She feels like a character that requires you to play well with to win. At the same time, she actually rewards you very well if you play well, which is more than enough to offset her weaknesses in my opinion. She has no truly terrible matchups either, as far as I know.

tldr: she’s a good character.


That ex.dp thing still whiffing on predicted fireball at midscreen still makes me sad.

I’ve just been focusing on her negatives recently, so my post may have given the impression that I think she is worse than I actually believe. I definitely agree; she is too good to just be mid with the potential reward she gives when you actually get in. I always feel I can win if I can land one

She doesn’t need any dramatic buffs to make her really good. Some tweaks to frame data or some slight hitbox extensions and she could be amazing. I do believe she could use a slight buff, but no idea in what way to make it both relevant and not broken.


I really think she’s somewhere in the middle, there are just so many good characters now that it’s hard placing her above 30 other characters, no doubt she’s still good and very viable though.


Edit: deleted. Just moved question to question thread.


I hate that ex shoryu doesnt fully connect through fireballs sometimes, I still get screwed by it and am dumbfounded when it misses… My biggest struggle is defense, against some characters I just can’t protect my air space , especially ones that can change their air trajectory. That and constant safe jump pressure. I don’t think she is really strong here, could just be me though. Usually makes me switch to my more experienced Dee jay :frowning:


That’s sort of the point of her design; if she had great defense in addition to the massive damage and stun she’d pretty busted. The important thing is to remember all of the tools you have available; CR.HP will lose to people using things that change their jump arc, but that extra time they have to spend in the air means whatever they’re doing will probably get smashed by NJ.MP.


I always see people mention how busted EX Shou is, but why is it that I’m the only one who finds the same issue with EX tatsu just as annoying? I never see anyone else asking for changes on that.

I’ve actually dropped SFIV so it makes little difference to me in the long run, but only asking for once change means that you’re only ever likely to get that one change.


ex.tatsu generally doesn’t whiff as bad as ex shou. Also, you don’t often use tatsu to punish fireball, whereas ex shouken looks tailor made to beat fireballs. When you want it, tatsu generally gives you results while shouken basically never does (unless you’re close enough for, which is generally a range players don’t throw as much fireballs, and your is the better threat). ex shouken can only really be a hail mary wakeup option, or a risky frame trap that leads to damage (for 3 meter), when it could be a fantastic part of Sakura’s main game plan (punish bad fireballs). Ex tatsu is currently a “get in your face” free card or a good combo extender, both of which it does very well. It can sometimes punish things, which is when it could start whiffing, but that isn’t its main purpose (at least imo).

Plus, a whiffed ex tatsu is +2 on block, while whiffed shouken equals full punish.

Simply put, I don’t have much experiences where a bad ex tatsu ruined me too bad, while I vividly remember reacting to fireball and losing because of it.


I find EX tatsu to be particularly useful against Ryu/E.Ryu when your opponent is playing a heavy fireball/cr.MK game because it goes over both of those options if you get a read, and the drop isn’t so bad if all they do is block after the drop (as you said you’re at frame advantage, can frametrap/throw, etc.) but the thing is that in my experience people just blocking the EX tatsu isn’t always what happens - I’ve lost against quite a few Ryu/E.Ryu players that have won because of my EX tatsu over a fireball only hitting with the first hit, and them then getting a DP FADC’d into ultra/combo/their own wakeup pressure. Shou is easier to punish because you can just wait for it to end, but even without meter you can pretty reliably DP her out of tatsu it if it drops (and if it doesn’t you were eating the move anyway, so nothing lost for trying).

I agree that EX Shou is by far the greater concern, I just don’t see why people only complain about the one move when ideally capcom would fix both.


@0sh On the subject of EX Tatsu i just made this video showing all the chars she can launch from round start distance. :slight_smile:

Ryu, Ken, Evil Ryu, Sakura, Rose are sketchy to do against depending on distance.


I find ex.sho really useful against Poison because of the way the hurtbox on her fireballs are, and Poison players are usually content to spam fireball from any range like they’re unbeatable. You can literally hold forward vs her and react to the fireball startup with ex.sho from a pretty decent range, similar to how gief uses hand. But in general the move is fucking awful at what it does, I’ve had Vega players meaty me with a point blank when I wake up ex.sho and the 2nd rep gets blocked FROM POINT BLANK RANGE.

It DEFINITELY should have some sort of vacuum effect or something to guarantee full hits if the first rep connects, and that’s not even going into the fact that it needs 3 bars to be made safe, is useless against airborne opponents AND is 12f startup so a lot characters can safely meaty you with an OS behind it to practically shut down your entire wakeup.

In a perfect world (realistically) it’d be ~10f startup with the guaranteed full hits but I seriously doubt there will be any more changes to the game at this point, it’s a shame it didn’t get some sort of buff when Ultra/1.04 dropped seeing as how good few characters got decent buffs to their reversals (e.g. Gouken, Cody, Juri, Fuerte, Dee Jay, Ibuki, Abel), anyway it’s definitely not useless and it converts into MAJOR damage if you land it but i’m still gonna curse Capcom every time it drops that 2nd rep.


@unwnd But they did buff EX Shouken in the Arcade build then they reverted it when Console version dropped.


Lol did they really? I didn’t even know that, I don’t know what they did to it but clearly Sak was just broken with a properly functioning ex.sho I guess…


Yeah EX Shouken full hits on Ryu at just over round start distance.

Was stoked was the first thing i tried when i got USF4 lol lets just say i was bit salty haha.


Overall, she is still very good, her damage output with cr MK make her never a bottom tier. Always get a comeback chance.

But fighting Ryu is quite hard nowadays. Ryu fireball is so fast that if you absorb the fireball with SA, you have to retreat. If you go for dash forward, you will get hit by another fireball. While at that distance, you have to read for an ex tatsu/h. tatsu, but sometimes the 3rd hit of H. Tatsu will WHIFF, and Ryu get a free punish afterward.
If you react to the fireball with EX DP, unluckily your second part of the DP will be blocked, no matter what.

I’ll see the H. Tatsu/Ex DP whiff are design fault which shall be properly fixed.

IMO fixing Ex DP will be very sufficient to make her more solid (but not OP), either add a vacuum on first part, or lengthen the hitbox of the second part will do the trick.

And it will be happy to see the Omega Tatsu followup kick can be added too, which can result a better damage output when you read a fireball, instead of just 60 damage :slight_smile:


I remember playing when I was high, my game went from shit to shiiiitthole real quick.

However, bears helped me elevate my game. Somehow. Don’t know why!


Something good happening this year?