Red Pantie Addict Anonymous: Sakura General Discussion!



Slowly getting back into SFIV now, playing it a lot offline now vs good players, so rusty!


nice, was watching your tekken stream the other day


I stopped playing Sakura seriously for a bit, though she’s always been my main. I’ll admit that I abused some of her OP moves back in 2012 :slight_smile: Though it pretty much stuffed my overall SF game for a bit. Will revisit her sometime soon, nerf or not. That being said… loving the tech in here :-p


Dont know if this is a legit setup, just been messing with dwu for alot of characters, someone try doing ex tatsu/otoshix2/land OH fully charged hadoken looks like it hits both dwu and regular. NVM doesnt work.


The regular lvl 3 fireball corner setup still works fine.

If they don’t dwu: normal setup

If they dwu: it disappears right before they wakeup into it however it gives the illusion that it hits them (since it’s so active). So you can wait to see if they block and then go in and do a block/pressure sting.

Funny thing is if they dwu and DON’T block (for whatever reason), the fireball hits them. It doesn’t make sense.


What I do now is wait a tiny bit before throwing out the level 3 fireball and it will always catch both the normal and the delayed wake up


Is it still safe to reversals though?


Ah good question, people tend to just block it or always do dwu. I just checked and if you delay it ryu can dp out of it if he doesnt delay, but if he does dwu its safe.

I noticed btw that sometimes the normal timing keeps them in blockstun too for delayed wake up but it seems to be character specific


You can really fuck DWU up with sakura i belive.
Like if you try mp.shouoken UF late for safe jump, dash dash lk.shunpu for late wakeup (wich is semi-unblock) against several characters.
But for DWU just hit another dash maybe? or c.lp x lk.shunpu.

I don’t know the frames of DWU els I could have said exactly what buttons to press or dash for setup :stuck_out_tongue:
It’s like 12f?+


11 frames, hard knockdown only (so sweep, otoshi, throws)


So I was finally able to get my hands on Ultra Street Fighter IV(A friend of mine couldn’t wait for the disc copy,so he got the digital one instead) and Man! I couldn’t stop laughing at how short Sakura back throw is now.Visually wise it looks hella funny & weird for her to use all her might,just to get that back throw. :laughing:


So I found out some new couterhit combos using the far standing fierce, check it out


ive noticed that far hp now that you can special cancel it is fantastic for pressure. Say you drop your combo you can fish out a ch and hit then with a small combo. Its has come into play for me a few times with out thinking of it. I believe i failed a combo ended up doing a ch far.hp lk. Tatsu into hp. Shoryu and i was like ohhh dang sakura why you so godlke u crazy fish!


Yeah I remember in ae 2012 sometimes I’d stand too far and get far standing hp, instead of close hp, and would never be able to get something off of it unless I reacted in time with, but now it’s much easier to continue the pressure, because you can just cancel it in whatever you want.


I found that Sakura can whiff punish Dictator’s far standing forward with far standing fierce, which can be canceled into a special, and depending on the special, can be combo’ed into an ultra combo. It’s hard for me to pinpoint the exact location, but feel free to fiddle with that distance.


Hmph, will hit the lab sometime at the end of the week to try and find out how this works.


Sakura Alternate Costume 4:


Let us know your results! I’m having trouble finding the right spot to whiff punish it


Hey guys :slight_smile: I know during Alpha Sakura became enamored with Ryu and sought him out to train her. Did Ryu ever agree to be her teacher? Or is she still just imitating moves and has no formal training in Ansatsuken?


So how do you doods feel about Sakura? I’m constantly arguing with people who claim she’s “dead”.