Red Pantie Addict Anonymous: Sakura General Discussion!



Heh, I get the opposite response, people still complaining about her to me like its AE2012.


She’s a char that can put on a lot of pressure and do a lot of damage but your execution needs to be really good to capitalize on your hits.


Good summary, I’ve been trying to pick her up and get plenty of hits with her mixups, but my execution of her combos isn’t tight yet, so I lose more then I should.

One solid combo followed by a mixup = stun and round, makes her very dangerous when good execution is present.


Can someone please confirm that these setups are still valid. I’ve been in the training room myself. The mp.shouoken, uf, still works but i don’t think the throw setups work in ultra. Still getting anti aired.


Her lp fukiagi is a much better anti air now so you gotta watch out. If the makoto player is on point I’d advice you to never cross her up because lp fukiagi will beat everything and she can combo into another one into ex axe kick. So your best bet is hit her from the front, after hp shouken walk 1 pixel forward then do, it’s safe against her fukiagi, you an mix it up with empty jump low.


Any safe jump or setup after a hard knockdown (sweep, safe jump, ultra) is not safe if they delay wakeup. They are still valid from normal wakeup though.


Guys I’m sharing a new finding. 2 Far 5HP combo in one go. Mid-screen also work fines!
(Works on Rolento and Elena only, not tested yet for the rest of the casts)

Some applications:
Real Corner-to-Corner combo

Stun combo, can work out something better, just showing what we can do with this
Can’t be too far from the corner, or the level 2 focus will whiff


Oh? I pick her and people are like “Lol she’s crap”.

Pretty much what I think too, DWU killed her pressure a little but she benefits from it too.


Ok so i dont know if this has been discussed yet but yer tatsu loops seem to not work fully on a bunch of characters. Im. Ot talking the extended ones just simple hp, lk.tatsu, cr.hp, lk.tatsu,, hp.dp. This wiffs on a bunch of characters that it didnt pre ultra. Am i missing something or did they increase the push back? I have started to swap the initial hp with a but its been hard not mashing the hp all day lol


And what characters would those be?

They’re all still correct. The universal generic st.hp xx lk tatsu, cr.hp xx dp works on everyone (except Decapre, where you have to use; and you just add an extra lk tatsu and end with xx dp on wider hitbox characters. If your is whiffing on a correct character, you may not be close enough when starting the combo. You typically have to time to walk slightly forward after a jump in normal and then do st.hp xx lk tatsu, or you’ll be close enough after a focus crumple xx dash forward. A good way to practice being close enough is doing the 3 fierce combo on a big character: example Abel: st.hp xx lk tatsu, cr.hp xx lk tatsu, cr.hp xx dp.

Another reason why it may be whiffing is simply mistiming the input. A good example of this isn’t Sakura, but Ibuki. When Ibuki does her tsumuji loops on say Sagat, she can do it 2 times. But if you mistime the st.lp, the st.lp won’t even make contact with the opponent’s body.


Ok so im going for a reset. I hit my opponent with an ex.tatsu and I’m going for the walk up jab, dash reset. How do I control which side i end up on? Sometimes i end up on the other side and sometimes i don’t. Whats the timing?


hey guys just picked up sakura as a 2nd main, any tips pointers?


Pressure your opponent with jabs to try to get them towards the corner. Once you have them in the corner, your pressure is even stronger because escape options in most cases are risky and limited.


And mix in some Tatsu & Cr.Mk in their every now and then



5 mins in training mode will get you your answer. I’d use this mix up sparingly, solid players will see through it quick if abused.


ok wow glad to see ya’ll are helpful thanks for all the advice, I will take it all in and use to best way I can

Im actually not that new, I mean I know some stuff but I want to get really good with her, one problem I have is her end game, I always mess it up nd they come back and win when all I needed was 1 damn hit :frowning:


Lol Sakura - Hugo is so hilariously bad for Hugo, I almost feel bad him. It feels on par with Poison - Hugo maybe even worse I’d say its atleast 7-3 in her favor probably closer to 8-2 .


what makes it so bad? and the poison MU too?


To keep it simple, it’s incredibly hard for hugo because both of them have all the tools to keep him out forever.