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From what I heard, the Poison-Hugo match up is the worst match up in the game. I played it and I have to agree, things that shouldn’t be block strings, are real block strings against Hugo. Everything Hugo has can be baited and punished, and the keep-away is too cray.


For people new to Sakura, this might help you out:


thanks for this


Meh, I feel the exact opposite.
Being close? Command grab = not allowed. Jumping (jumping in, backwards, neutral; all of them) => air grab = not allowed. Poking => armored st.HP = not allowed. Throwing hadoukens => armored running grab = not allowed. What can I do? :frowning: And his damage from a simple things is ridiculous. I feel helpless in that matchup - not always, but in general it’s true.


You don’t know how to play the matchup properly. You can literally throw him out of his armored running grab (good to use in a tight spot) or neutral jump hk (into a combo) to punish it if he throws it out. He should not be in your face at all in the matchup, Hugo struggles heavily against fireball characters.

At the start of the match, play the zoning game with fireballs and anti airs. This is one of the few matchups where this is a very viable strategy. Rack up damage and make him come to you, if he gets flustered in the process; even better. He has no meter at the beginning of a match, he’s helpless. If you are not doing this at the start of the match or when he has no meter; you’re playing the matchup wrong. Counter poke and keep him out (don’t get predictable otherwise he’ll focus dash grab you) with st.HK, whiff punish with xx dp. After he gets meter or right before he gets meter, I like to followup one of my anti-air dp’s into a safejump (don’t cross him up or he can EX backbreaker you if he has meter) and do j.hp, st.hp xx lk tatsu (leaves you neutral); and then either do a neutral jump to bait a grab/special. If he takes the bait, you can punish with damaging combo.

If he manages to get in your face, he has to make a read to score damage; he’s a grappler so he has a lot of options, but so do you. On knockdown, Hugo can do a safe clap ~OS grab (if you DWU) so I typically block the clap and then backdash to get out of his face. I then retreat and continue the fireball/antiair game. There no reason to ever take risks in the matchup, Hugo has to take a guess to start his offense game while we can react to anything he does. You ever find yourself in his face, on the offensive, and he is blocking; do a true blockstring with x3, to push him out of command grab range. This matchup is heavily in Sakura’s favor, you just have to learn what options beat what.


Couldn’t have said it better myself, another thing, Hugo can barely even safe jump you can just do st.hp or cr.hp a lot of the time so he has to go for meaty pressure with clap. When you zone him try to mix up normal fireball with level 2 fireball, level 2 fireball is insanely good vs hugo, because its so slow and he has such a huge hurtbox he will have a lot of trouble going over it, hell you can even juggle him afterwards with mp shouken if you hit him.


Thanks, I will try. It seems very helpful, I wonder how I will adjust in real matches. I think I have not developed the reactions for him yet, it should get better with some knowledge and experience.

In fact I struggle a lot with nearly all new characters, except Decapre. They are very unpredictable for me and I don’t have “case-studies” for them yet ;). Well, I have only 3 weeks expiernce so far (PC-only).

Maybe one fo you will share some info like that above, but about Poison, Elena and (this is not that bad for me) Rolento?
Like “how to jump-in against Poison’s DP” (it can’t be done the stnadard shoto way, and safejump against Ryu’s DP is veeery useful for me), “how to deal with that strange Elena” (it’s unlike any other for me, I have hard time getting in, dealing with her attacks, and that annoying Healing - well, that’s a lot of problems in fact), “how to predict that rolling Rolento with his stick” ;).


Honestly, the most important skill for winning in Street Fighter; is match-up experience. You’ll lose to things that are new to you or you don’t know how to deal with. But if you get the opportunity to play long sets with someone who plays one of the new DLC characters, you’ll learn their options as well as your own options against them.

Some quick tips, to speed up the match-up learning. (I don’t have much experience fighting Rolento’s so I’ll pass on that on):

  • Poison’s DP is a vertical hitbox, it does not hit people at a 45 degree angle above her like a shoto would. The DP is very easy to bait and safe jump because of this, even if you mess up the safe jump; chances are her DP will whiff anyway. Her EX DP (only her EX has invincibility) is 4 frames so it CAN be safe jumped traditionally unlike 3 frame DPs that shotos have.

  • 3 frame DP’s (important that they’re a DP so they have horizontal movement) can be made to whiff with certain setups. I typically opt to do a cross up (just walk slightly forward before you safe jump) and this will make the DP whiff, I also empty jump (not crossup) as a safe jump since I can recover in time to block if they DP since I didn’t push a button in the air (This is called trip guard. When you push a button in the air your character be given 2 extra frames of recovery upon landing. Since I didn’t push a button in the air, trip guard is not activated (aka I don’t have those extra landing recovery frames) so I can successfully land and block the DP). Another thing you can do is do a jumping tatsu on the way down to alter your air trajectory and make DP’s whiffs this way. An example of this being used is: [MP DP, empty jump (opponent doesn’t quick stand), whiff st.LP, neutral jump HK tatsu (at the apex of the jump, when you start coming down)].

  • Elena’s excels at a high/low game but typically is seen abusing her overhead mixups because she is granted combo opportunities after them. Her HP mallet smash (overhead special) is very slow and easy to react to. Her EX mallet smash (overhead special) is very fast and difficult to react to. With time, you will see be able to predict (and be ready to react) when she will overhead and also be able to react to the overheads. If you make a read that she is going to HP mallet smash (slow overhead special) -> any block strings into heavy mallet smash (slow overhead special) can be jumped on reaction for a jump in punish. The HP mallet smash cannot be punished since it leaves her -1, but you can do a st.LP in case she tries pushing a button after for a counter hit opportunity. All of her other specials leave severely negative on block so she is easily punished with a st.LP, cr.MK xx dp or raw cr.MK xx dp.


Some tips for playing against rolento

  • Cr.hp beats almost every pogo mixup, st.hp works as well, but you sometimes get far st.hp if you mistime it so cr.hp is safer
  • You can punish his rolls with into shouoken (fadc), also since its only fireball invincible you can just hit him out of it or throw him
  • Almost all the extended loops that work on Adon work on Rolento, the main one being st.hp xx lk tatsu, cr.hp xx lk tatsu, xx shouoken. This combo always works up close, after fadc or after a jump in so it’s very practical.
  • Rolento is incredibly free on wake up, the only real reveral he has is ultra, everything else can be beaten by her pressure, except maybe the ex wall jump, but you can easily punish that if you just jump along with him
  • Normal delta airraid is + on block however EX , the most common one, is -3 on block
  • His rekkas are also punishable, the main one that is being used is mp rekka which is -4 on block so you can punish with any 3 or 4 frame normal, easiest one being jab into, or xx ex tatsu ultra
  • Don’t throw fireballs when he has ultra 2 stocked


I hate to be that guy, but there’s literally a full-blown written tutorial on the forum. EVERYTHING you could POSSIBLY need is there.


Sup, guys. Been playing Sakura more and more lately, still focusing on getting more comfortable with her in actual matches. Still have a lot to learn, but I’m getting better.

One thing I want to understand is how to approach the Blanka match-up. I’m not really sure what I’m supposed to be doing against him. I punish his slides with ease–but then there are times where he’ll keep doing that stupid ball attack and I find myself unable to punish it at all. I tried to dash up and Cr.MK after blocking the ball, but to no avail. The electric reversal gets me all the time (especially when I try to frame trap him) and I can’t use Hadouken like I want. I jab him out of it the ball attack, but not often enough.

What’s the best way to open this fool? Also, is this even or in Sakura’s favor?


Blanka’s favor heavily.


Blanka has to be one of Sakura’s more super annoying matchups by far. ~__~


Well, damn. I thought maybe I just sucked at the match-up. That’s a relief! Kinda, lol.


Honestly it depends on how he plays, if he’s trying to rush you down, like a lot of online blankas do, its alright. However if he actually plays legit and plays a turtle style, its pretty tough but not unwinnable imo, just gotta be really patient and makes you sure optimize every single opening you get. Which means you gotta have your execution down.

Judging from your description you seem to be talking about the bad blankas so just spend some time in training mode to figure out how to punish him


Long time people… I see we still playing some school girl!


I personally think the Blanka matchup is 6-4 in Sakura’s favor. Sakura stuffs his wakeup and punishes his specials with ease. If the Blanka is playing the midrange, he can out-poke you; but you be passive aggressive and you can easily counterpoke with and whiff punish with xx dp (xx fadc combo if meter is available) and turn the tide of the entire match in your favor. Sakura’s fireball is very slow so don’t throw it out in the midrange otherwise Blanka will slide underneath it; however if you bait him into a slide he’s unsafe, so you get a guaranteed xx dp punish every time. If he is rushing you down and doing the crossup throw shenanigans, just mash crouch tech when you feel like he’s gonna throw you; and you should beat him clean. Remember Sakura has no hurtbox at the end of her so use it to punish Blanka’s throwing out electricity ( xx dp). Meaty LK tatsu stuffs most of his wake up options and is crouch unblockable after a sweep. Once you get Blanka in the corner he’s free, don’t let him escape.

I had a hard time with Blanka before I met a Blanka player where we played long sets and broke down the matchup for both of us. I also played a long set with Nishkin at CEO and did very well against him, the matchup is in Sakura’s favor imo (or at a minimum 5-5). It’s just an obscure matchup you don’t come across much.


Blanka doesn’t have to guess slide or do unsafe hop mixups, he can just chip her and outfootsie her and not whiff stuff.

Blanka can just chill and not do much and it’s a huge hassle for her to open him up.

I’ve played this a lot against Myers and DBJoseph and other than me messing up I don’t really feel disadvantaged really ever. Knowing how to punish electricity/balls/slide doesn’t mean the matchup is in Sak’s favor, it just means Blanka can’t get away with stuff.


Thats not the sole reason why I feel like it’s in Sakura’s favor (but it’s arguably 5-5 I feel). True, Blanka can outfootsie her; but Sakura has the tools to deal with the midrange footsie war and turn the match in her favor after a xx dp. On knockdown, Blanka has a really hard time dealing against Sakura; but Sakura doesn’t have a hard time dealing with Blanka once she’s knockdown. This difference in the knockdown game, primarily, is what I feel makes Sakura have the advantage; and being able to punish his specials into a knockdown further helps get Sakura into the oki position.

Anyway I found this on Youtube today, I forgot who’s account this was; but it’s a fellow srk’er.


what if he just doesn’t do specials that are unsafe on block? Also his focus backdash is very good, and he can actually mix her up decently the problem is that he doesn’t get offensive momentum unless it’s a throw/sweep/slide knockdown. If he just does a bnb the best he can do is dash up into an out of range to combo normal.

Her oki is obviously much better than his, but his isn’t exactly awful especially with the speed of her reversal and meh backdash.