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Not limited to Sakura. It applies to every other character also. Except mirrors. I like Blanka mirrors because I can go dumber than anyone. Don’t underestimate my dumbness.

Edit: Never mind, Black Hombre pretty much summed up what I was saying.


Man this thread is still around after 5 years huh? I figured the gen threads would be replaced when new versions of the game came out lol.

So how is everyone?


pretty good tutorial by alex myers on how to properly apply pressure

yeah it is I guess they never thought or making a new one


Normally would post this in option select thread, but it hasn’t been posted in for a while.

I’m looking for an option select for balrog’s back dash. I believe it’s 22f and covers good ground. Unless you hit the sweet spot it beats option select sweep, roundhouse, l shoryu, etc. Been playing vs balrog a lot hoping for something consistent. Could be his backdash is just too good…


Do you mean from a jump in or OS during a block string? Because I OS with hp shouken all the time when I do a safe jump and it works just fine, it even catches his ex dash upper/straight if he doesnt absorb the first hit. Also for future reference, a problem like this is easily fixable by just trying it out in training mode.

edit: I actually checked it out in traning mode just now to be sure, and lp shouken works just fine, you’re probably mistiming it, it works during both jump in OS as well as during a block string


Was talking bout in block string, I’ll hit training mode some more. I’m not great at buffering the shouken into strings yet.


I’ll post this again since we’re on the subject of the Blanka matchup

Haven’t watched this for a while but from what I recall Danhiru won most of the matches, bear in mind this is from the Arcade version just after release.


Posting this here instead of the Simple Questions thread because even though it’s a relatively simple question at its core it needs a little bit of explanation. In short, I want to know if the reason I’m getting moves whiff entirely in the middle of tatsu loops in spite of the move being in range is due to mistimed inputs or if there’s something else at play.

[details=Spoiler]I’ve been using Sakura’s tatsu loops for about six months or so and by now I’d say that I’m reasonably consistent with them, but ever since Ultra came out I’ve been getting a strange issue where moves that should connect in the loop sequence occasionally simply don’t. Before this I generally used the rule of thumb that if a move doesn’t come out you’ve hit the buttons too early and if it’s blocked then you did it too late, but this is a strange third category where the move comes out and just whiffs entirely despite appearing to be in range.

After losing a match because of this, I eventually took it into training mode and recorded the following a few weeks ago (no sound, sorry):
but after a little more research it appeared that Decapre’s hurtboxes are pretty busted so I just made a mental note to always go straight into the combo ender instead of attempting loops if I faced her in the future. Fast forward to yesterday and I again faced the issue in training mode, but this time against Balrog (Boxer) who I know should be easily loopable using cr.HP. I made a bunch of recordings, but the one that most clearly shows the issue is here:

I then went through a number of the Balrog recordings frame by frame and found something interesting: the loops where the cr.HP whiffed all had one or two frames longer between the LK tatsu and cr.HP animations starting. As we all know this is a 1f link, so it stands to reason that these whiffs occur when they should be blocked, not when they should hit. I was talking to a friend about this who admitted it was strange but recalled that some animations have hurtboxes that follow the character model rather than using typical solid 2D boxes.

So from this my current thinking is that:

  • The first recording that works on Cammy but doesn’t on Decapre is still just because Decapre’s hurtboxes are strange.
  • Doing a tatsu loop with perfect timing should always still connect
  • When a character leaves hitstun and goes into a (neutral?) recoil animation, their hurtboxes disappear with collisions only registering on a hitbox intersecting with the recoiling character’s 3D model. This remains until the recoil animation finishes and the character goes back to standing/crouching neutral, when the standard hurtboxes are restored.
  • This amount of distance recoiled will vary from character to character (different animations), and thus will also take different amounts of time.
  • During this time, Sakura can be whiff punished (essentially assuming an invincible reversal as the new move would reintroduce hurtboxes to the equation, but then again people online like mashing that EX DP so…). This means that there’s a crazy situation where having worse execution is actually safer because:
    [list]If you press HP too early, the move doesn’t come out, but you are more or less safe because you can still block.
    If you press HP on the right frame, the move comes out and hits the opponent, and the combo continues.
    If you hit the button some time in the next n frames, the move will whiff, and Sakura can be punished. (it’s possible that the recoil could move in and out of range several times, but I’m assuming not for simplicity)
    If you hit the button after that, then the cr.HP will come out and be blocked, but that’s ok because you’ll be cancelling into LK or EX tatsu and become safe anyway, and this was always the intention if the link was dropped. [/list]

So my real question is are the above assumptions correct? Is the solution just to spend more time in training mode and get the link timing more accurate?[/details]

Apologies if something similar has been asked before, I couldn’t find anything when I first encountered the problem.


Decapre has retarded hitboxes. She’s the only character that the universal tatsu loop doesn’t work on (St. Hp xx lp tatsu, cr. Hp xx dp). So you have to opt for a St. Lk ender unless you do a char specific loop on her.

Lots of characters have wonky hitboxes which is why character specific tatsu loops exist. Certain loops exist, not just for the sake of extending the number of loops; but, for having consistency on that character.

The reason why the cr. Hp whiffs occasionally is simply due to mistiming the cr. Hp. The opponent character, however, will go into a block animation since they’re within range of the proximity box (what causes the char to block if they hold back).

I’m unsure of what exactly causes it to whiff but I believe it’s how the proximity box causes the hitboxes to interact. A perfect example of this is when Ibuki does her tsumigi loops. If she mistimes the St. Lp, the St. Lp will whiff but the opponent character will still go into the blocking animation.


Thanks, that seems to clear it up.

Regarding this part in particular, most guides list a number of different loops but I’d always assumed that it was simply in order to maximize the damage/stun dealt from a given hit. Could I suggest that if reliability really is a factor in choosing which combo to use then it might be worth noting that in the character guide on here - it’s tempting to just learn 2 or 3 loops that account for the whole cast when starting out so it’s probably at least letting new players know why they might run into issues.


I just started a notebook, has each character with tatsu loops, meaty tatsu combos, character specific OS’s, etc. It’s not complete, but getting there slowly. It’s def been nice to have…


Yeah you’re right, I don’t even use the list that’s in my guide. I just use the general st.hp, cr.hp (, - wider hitbox chars) on everybody. It’s kinda ironic that it does more damage usually than the char spec loops. I’ll make a new list today and put the current one in a spoiler.

I used to have a lot of char spec tech notes I would always read before matches like Infiltration, but after all these years of playing Sakura; I remember the majority of it. So I have a lot in-depth stuff that I use that isn’t covered in the guide I have.

That’ll be awesome man, would you mind sharing that with me? I’ll put it into the guide I currently have and credit you of course.


Gladly, needs more work and is hand written, but I’ll start really putting work in on it. I don’t have a desktop or laptop, so I don’t have a keyboard. So when it comes time I’ll go get it scanned and you can transcribe it? Can’t imagine using a touch screen to enter it all.


I feel you man, and yeah I don’t mind transcribing it. You can take a picture of it and pm it to me whenever you have time.


Lurker here. Really appreciate your guide BlackHombre. Picked up Sakura a few months ago after years of just casual Ryu, and it definitely helped a lot.

Due to delayed wakeup, is there any reason now to even go for sweep ever? What advantage (besides very slight range increase) is there to go for sweep over> dp for soft knockdown setups? Sorry if this was asked before; I mostly just check the recently updated stuff on these forums to try to add to my sakura play.


I still use sweep after ex tatsu randomly to mix things up. I option select sweep during ground pressure. Sweep definitely still has a purpose and a roll in sakura’s game plan in my book.


Keeping variety in your play can only be a good thing. If the real question is if there’s any advantage to hard knockdown setups over soft knockdown ones, then I can’t think of any.


Yeah mostly for variety but for example against some characters like adon, cody dudley, otoshi is harder to hit mid screen so I tend to go for sweep in those cases.


Oh wow that safejump off of MP SRK is amazing. So fast. Seems like delaying tech would beat all of saks safejumps now since people seem to do them off MP and HP SRK now instead of otoshi? Is there really no safejump Sakura can do off 2x otoshi if they delay wakeup?


Level 3 fireball setups usually cover both, and if you add a crouch jab to her regular setups you can adjust for delayed wake up. The thing with the latter is that it’s really hard to confirm if they’re going to do delayed wake up or not, so you have to guess, which means the fireball setups are more practical.