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Tested this somewhat yesterday. Maybe i was doing it wrong, but the best I could accomplish was a trade with fuerte on wakeup, and that was a strict 1 frame timing. Otherwise,splash beat st.hp. What I did exactly was try to beat splash(thats the name right?), both crossup and in-front. Even when st.hp traded, it led to sakura hard knockdown(fuerte air reset), and I was always getting delayed wu too when it traded (because of plinking probably). So it would just be advantage to fuerte.

I think I tested the running jump grab too, and i think sakura still lost (but i didnt really test this as much, and I already forgot those results).

According to these results, I feel like st.hp isn’t really a great option (loses to splash, grab, q bomb). Still seems best option are the vanilla options: forward dash, backdash, neutral/directional jump (hopefully get air reset on splash, or just beat grab attempts). Delayed wakeup could be nice to mix up, since if u can get fuerte to wait to splash it could mean you wakeup cr.hp whatever he tries, or just jump away. (EDIT: Also, wakeup focus)

Is there anything I’m missing regarding escaping fuerte mixups?

Meeting fuerte in the air when he went for running stuff seemed to be good, but i can see good fuertes run-stopping to try to bait a neutral jump, and then grabbing me out of the air. Still a good option tho.


I was playing a pretty good fuerte yesterday and neutral j. hp was blowing up his tostada throw (thanks Callisto) luckily had just read these posts. Was winning about 50% of the matches, he was complaining about sakura as a character and never being able to tell which side she’ll be on blah blah the whole time, couldn’t believe it coming from a gimmicky fuerte. My biggest problem was getting pressed and thrown when he would do them out of run stop pressure block strings, i.e. rsf>rsf>rs cr. mk> tostada throw/press was having a hard time with that.


DWU Setup: (this is pretty much only for if you know they will DWU) Ex.tatsu (corner), 2x otoshi, jump back, charge lvl 2 hp(?).fireball,

If you do it right the fireball to is a true blockstring and you can mix in empty jump lows too, if they do not dwu then theres a pretty large window between the fireball and in which a lot of characters can reversal or even anti-air. Obviously if you 100% know your opponent will dwu after ex.tatsu you can do modified fake crossup/true crossup setups too but i’ve been finding them kinda inconsistent (my timing sucks), also the backdash lvl 3 fireball will catch some chars DWU but not others? anyone else have weird stuff happen with lvl.3 fireballs too?


Yes, definitely. I believe it has to do with how wide the characters are, some are just not fat enough for the tail end of the fireball to catch them.

I think it’s something that can be fixed with more specific timing on the backdash, but that would be pretty difficult to internalize a barely different fireball trap timing for different characters.

I have some free time tomorrow, I can test it out pretty thoroughly if you guys want.


It would be great to have a list of which characters backdash > lvl.3 fireball hit on both normal and delayed wakeup, also I think it differs if they crouch block/stand block/dont block at all.


I wait until the opponent hits the ground, then backdash lvl3 LP fireball. That timing works for both regular and delayed wakeup and is still safe to reversals. Works on the majority of the cast too, only char I’m aware of it not working on is Guy and maybe Dhalsim (I’d have to recheck).


I played against a Sim last week and also use that same method and DWU was definitely making it whiff.


Kinda unrelated to the previous posts but did sakura’s air tatsu always beat ken’s dp’s? I"ve had it happen multiple times now mostly against his mp dp, which I thought had the most invincibility?


I would have to lab it up but I imagine. That move has always been really good to jump in with, and has high priority, but in Ultra it doesn’t carry Sakura as far and if done to high, can be highly punishable.


Keep in mind that even the ‘most’ invincibility there is only 4 frames, after which it’s just a regular attack for the most part


I created a written supplement to the videos I’m doing that gives a more detailed explanation of what’s in the videos, and some things that either didn’t make the cut for them, or that I just didn’t know at the time of making them, if anyone’s bored and wants to have a look/provide feedback:


Thanks Callisto. I really like what you’ve done there. :slight_smile:



As I would always say when I hit a person with a wake up HP…" Ya too close mon" (in Jamaican accent)


Would you guys be against having a facebook page for Sakura? Might be easier to discuss things there or we can always stick to the SRK forum layout (maybe talk on FB and post information/setups on SRK?)


I wouldn’t mind a fb group tbh


I see nothing wrong with a facebook page :slight_smile:


dear god yes, using SRK on a phone is goddamn terrible and this subforum is the only thing I use the site for


Made it now, names is just a placeholder for now, come join in!


Cool, I joined the group but I don’t really use Facebook.