Red Pantie Addict Anonymous: Sakura General Discussion!



Yeah its a shame they changed the tapatalk plugin they were using before, it was so much easier to access the forum that way.

also joined it!


So lk.tatsu on Decapre’s wakeup totally avoids her stinger entirely lol, not delayed or anything doesn’t even seem to have hard timing at all either.


Awesome, will be using for sure in that match up. Fuck Decapre


tf lol? When I’ve tried that I’ve crossed through her body and stinger has still hit me even when I’m behind her, and knocked me back through her to be back in front


Hmm, when I was testing tatsu would just go through her stinger and land safely on the other side (tested vs all versions and EX).


I’ll try it this weekend, I wonder if any properties of it were inadvertently changed again when they fixed the charge timer the other week


Hmm i swear i remember her Stinger hitting my Tatsu’s on wakeup when i would come across her, but after testing in training mode just then you are right, nice find dude.


can you do h.shou > empty jump > l.tatsu?


Nope, the startup of Tatsu is too much, Decapre scores a counterhit.

I will do some more quick testing with other tatsu wakeup timings and see what i can find.

Edit: Ok it seems like the timing needs to be super tight, the first time i tested worked good and then i setup the recording again and was getting hit, got the stinger to completely miss again. Seems like if timed right the Stinger lowers her boxes low enough for Sakura to completely crossover.


Maybe I just lucked out when I tried it because I just tried a few times and got it every time, if the timing is tight a proper setup might be needed for consistency I guess.

The timing I found the best was to try and get the tatsu to hit meaty but on it’s first active frames, also I think it needs to be done from pretty much point blank.


Shit, now I have to make another facebook haha.


do ittttt


Because you guys were my start years ago, I want you let you all know that I’m back.
Here’s my “RETURN” teaser video:

And here’s a very, very closely finished first episode of USF4 All-Things Sakura:

Feedback, whether positive or negative, will be embraced.

P.S.I will join FB relatively shortly to notify you all there, but I’m not really very excited at the prospect of FB again, so it might take some time to get around to it.


Hello. Anyway I can join the group as well?Would like to get some pointers from y’all awesome Sakura players.

Long live Sakura army!!


yeah here’s the link im sure fergus doesnt mind adding you


Awesome! Thanks. I’ve requested to join.


I’m a big fan of your series! Just one little thing, with the otoshi setups in Ultra, it’s worth mentioning that DWU will have an impact on them


Michael I’m so jealous of your video editing lol


Ok so the basic safejump off mp.srk as most here know, immediate (5f safejump) you can immediately whiff and for another 4f safe jump if they dont quickrise. Instead of doing the 2nd safejump you can instead whiff and do lk.tatsu to corpse hop and get a meaty normal, this is actually pretty hard to react to, also cause reversals not to work unless they know you will do it and reversal the opposite direction, also takes away back charge vs charge chars, will lose to corner mashing though (wiggle stick from downback to down forward). Dunno if it works on everyone only tried on Ryu, Viper (really good vs her as her hp.thunder knuckle is qcb) and Balrog (figured he has a dumb hitbox so if it works on him it will work on most chars).

Just another gimmick that might catch some people a few times per set lol.


Sounds similar to the setup Callisto came up with I believe.
hp dp, walk forward, (crossup), whiff cr.MP, lk tatsu (hits meaty)