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Are there any 4f safe jumps from a M or H Shou ender or is it all 5? Also I’ve never really understood the alternate timing characters properly, can someone explain the actual timing differences on Cammy/Blanka/etc?


You can get a manual 4f safejump off hp.srk but its pretty hard to time it correctly (at least for me).

Cammy, Sagat and Decapre all wake up 1f slower than everyone so mp.srk safejump is a 4f safejump (irrelevant though because they have 5f reversals anyway), whiff setup for non quickrise whiffs on them though, Blanka wakes up 2f (I think, might be 3f but pretty sure 2f) slower than normal so mp.srk safejump doesnt work on him at all unless you were to walk 1f forward afer mp.srk I guess which to me isn’t worth risking.


Exactly the info I was looking for, thanks!


DWU safejump on Blanka after fwd throw: whiff, (4f safejump)

Couldn’t find any reliable non-dwu/non hard knockdown safejumps on him at all :frowning:


I have a couple of ideas I’ll try out tonight if I get time


Here you go:

I’m pretty sure you can swap for to get a crossup on the sweep setup, and from what I can tell that’s what you need to use to get it to work in the corner


Messing around in training I realised you can punish El Fuerte’s Qbomb on hit if it doesn’t knockdown with reversal hp.srk.


I may or may not be the actual best


Damn lol taunt safejumps, thats gdlk. Any chance you know how many frames you can cancel taunt after? I’ll go ask in the USF4 General Discussion.


No idea, it may differ by character. I was worried it’d be different by taunt too but it seems consistent between all of them from what I could tell.


Someone on reddit said they believe it’s 40f universally


Hey guys, I made this. Let me know what you think, I love feedback (good or bad). This video really won’t show off anything “new” for you guys but I wanted to highlight combos and setups that work against everybody in the cast; as this is more for beginners than anyone else.


Wow, amazing video! This is the kind of stuff I love to see, quick, simple, and easy to understand for beginners; no offense to the other video makers of course. Do you mind if I embed your video into my character guide (whenever I update it), you will be linked and credited of course!


Of course I don’t mind. Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:


Ultra 1.04 Change List

Yay no more EX tatsu passing over crouching opponents. Also our fireball recovery is better so it may be possible to block long range jumps in now. :smile:


I’m just glad there was no nerfs lol, every time I look at patch notes i’m just hoping i’m not gonna see “lk.tatsu adjusted to be -1 on block” or something.

Anyway I suppose ex.tatsu buff is nice but situational, more of a fix than anything and ex.hado is kinda useless since it’s one of the worst ways to spend meter as it is, really would have preferred to see a proper ex.srk buff so if the first rep hits the second always will too.


oh shit didn’t realize it was for ex hadoken. thought it was regular fireball :frowning:



This so much. Still glad that they fixed EX shunpu - I’ve lost way too many matches because of that going over crouchers.


doesn’t the new ex tatsu buff mean you can probably do into ex tatsu now since its forces standing? And probably some other combos as well


Holy crap lp+hp ex.fireball is like poison ex.fireball speed, still won’t be spending meter on it often though.