Red Pantie Addict Anonymous: Sakura General Discussion!



yeah the speed is insane


No EX Shou fix sucks (tbh I still have the issues they said they fixed with non-EX ones), but these buffs seem very legit, not broken but really useful.

Sak is going to be a monster in terms of closing out rounds that are in chip territory. I believe it should now have the same recovery as level 2 charged hado I don’t see what someone can really do about EX hado > dash up Shou in a chip scenario.

Tatsu buff is nice, I don’t think it was even 100% needed but I do get bopped for autopiloting blockstrings and going over then sometimes so it’ll be nice.

I think I’m going to have to revisit some of the videos I’ve done depending on how much hurtboxes changed on Elena and Poison, wondering if the s.hp ender combos still work.


I checked on elena the far st.hp combos still work, also after cross up you still cant connect 2 lights on poison, so i’m not sure what they fixed about her hurt boxes. Also the ex fireball is only fast if you don’t charge it, if you do you always get the old speed.


Does CL.HP x2 > CR.MP still work fine on Poison as well?

Edit: Not that it really matters now with the EX.Tatsu buff, but with new EX.Hado can you do something like S.HP xx EX.Hado > U2 in the corner now?


Well they didn’t fix the same thing with HK tatsu, but that’s actually fine with me because it seems to happen more consistently with HK than EX across the cast and can theoretically be used for gimmicky mixups unlike EX where you get punished because of the final kick.


I like HK version the way it is bc sometimes it gets me random crossups and makes the other person throw their hands up while I whisper “that’s a setup” in their ear when it’s not


All Poison combos seem to work just as they did in 1.03


Ex Hado was always underrated imo, glad it’s even better now.


CL.MK CL.MK CL.HP S.HP Standing-only Tatsu route doesn’t work from jumpins anymore, just from FADC

It looks like meaty Tatsu far S.HP xx EX.Hado with the fast one lets you U2


EX fireball buff is extremely good, does great damage since it counterhits often.

Ryu matchup got really tough, his fireball buff is nuts.


I’m actually loving the EX fireball buff, I’ve always used the EX fireball to create space before. But it’s godly now, I can confidently throw fireballs outside footsie range now.


Also ended up playing sets against Chun and Juri last night. Juri felt a bit easier since the disparity in meter gain from fireball fights wasn’t so big, and I was blowing up a lot of fireballs with L+H EX.Hado. Both matches benefited from Tatsu buff, not worrying about going over during block pressure was huge.

Had a bunch of instances of getting a couple of hits but no knockdown from H.Shou vs. Rufus and the EX.Shou drop vs. Ryu, if they can just fix Shou I wouldn’t ask for anything else.


Sakura’s new Wild Costume:

Im personally not the biggest fan of this one but watevs. :smiley:


Needs less carrots


has anyone with less clumsy hands than mine found any cool combos with omega sakura’s new moves? I figured out you can link close standing fierce off her EX dive kick if you do it right off the ground so I know I should be able to cancel that into whatever but I can rarely get my hands to cooperate and do what I want.

lol, I just wanna do cool TKCS combos like cammy…


I haven’t tried Omega version yet, I figured we already played an Omega character in the regular game so why bother lol XD


yeah she’s less fun in omega imo, because you can’t do tatsu loops anymore because of the bigger pushback


Great video by shano ^

Since we can now combo ex fireball into Ultra 2 in the corner, do we have a new 1 bar punish? I can’t test it now so I’d appreciate it if someone could compare the numbers of:

St.HP xx ex fireball, u2

St.HP xx ex tatsu, whiff St. MP or backdash, u2


St.HP xx ex fireball, u2 404 damage/220 stun

St.HP xx ex tatsu, u2 449 damage/260 stun


Yeah I tested last night, there’s no situation in which EX Hado does better than EX Tatsu > late L Shou. That said, fishing with EX Hado in the corner a la Ryu seems totally viable now