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Sooo, Far S.HP xx EX.Hado FADC U2 is a thing lol


The title of this thread is sexist, good thing the post was made by a mod.


Two more 50/50s after ex.tatsu in the corner that are unaffected by DWU

Sagat: dash fwd, fireball, j.hp (non crossup)/ (crossup) 50/50 (if no quickrise whiff and repeat 50/50)

Guile: dash fwd, fireball, (non crossup)/ (crossup) 50/50 (if no quickrise whiff and repeat 50/50)

You lose some damage by ending the combo in fireball rather than otoshi but I guess it’s worth it in exchange for a true 50/50.

If you didn’t see my other post a while back then the Sagat 50/50 also works on Fei, Yun and Yang, pretty sure there’s similar setups on other chars but I really haven’t been playing much lately and cba to hit the lab and find them.


I probably need to work some corner stuff back in but I’ve pretty much abandoned everything that isn’t fireball trap or late j.hp/hk > passthrough, lol. I’ve started to feel like losing corner control just isn’t worth it in a lot of matchups.


Yeah I don’t go for any of the old 50/50 / unblockables anymore because it’s a guess if they DWU and if I guess wrong I put my self in the corner and get no oki.

Also that Sagat setup works on Seth/Dudley and if they don’t quickrise it’s an unblockable j.hp.


Backdash option select for El Fuerte/Cody: OS, hits them in grounded recovery frames so you can visually confirm the backdash and cancel into srk.


Have you been able to get it to where the CR.MK comes out soon enough to catch the dash, but you don’t get it so soon that you can’t block EX QBomb? It seems like you have to make a choice between one or the other.


I consider those movements are still worth using, whenever you need that dmg fast and your opp is stopping every of your plays.


Yeah I don’t think you can make it safe from ex.qbomb AND catch the backdash, anyway that is more of a meterless OS for Fuerte (unless you know the player in particular like to backdash a lot) because Fuerte has such good wakeup options with meter it isn’t worth going for, I think it loses to, ex.qbomb and lets him out for free if he does ex.leg throw.

I generally go for meaty on Fuerte’s wakeup if he has meter so it’s safe from ex.qbomb wakeup and I can try to react if I see an with either a focus or a block if I think he will splash or jump if I think he will throw, I think I need to go into training and see if there’s something else I can do in that situation to counter because otherwise it’s kind of a guessing game, if I could find something that beats both ex.qbomb AND it would be nice because that shuts down a large part of his wakeup.


Yeah, usually I just go for meaty lights while downbacking without OSing the backdash since his backdash recovers so quickly, then if I see ex run absorb I just do jumpback HK, he gets out for free if he does nothing after run but it stuffs splash/propeller and given his low health I’d rather just let him stand up than risk getting knocked down myself.


Hey guys, I’m hoping to wrap up my tutorial over the weekend and I wanted to include links for other youtube channels with Sakura tips/tricks, if you or someone else has a channel I should include can you point it out?

So far I have:



Are you looking for channels of players or people that post tech, etc.?


More towards people that post tech. I’m keeping the tutorial to mostly beginners stuff, e.g. showing 1-2 common safe jumps then adding a note of 'for more safe jumps, see Shano’s blahbla link" and just trying to offer as many options as possible.


Yeah I did a search and didn’t get much - most stuff is either match videos or only 1-2 videos on sakura amid tons of other videos.


I think ex.tatsu buff makes it so you cant get any crossup ex.tatsu setups in the corner off backthrows, it just stays spinning in front of them til they rise. I noticed though that after backthrow in the corner you can jump fwd, lk.tatsu. It catches both normal and DWU and blows up people who try to stand/crouch tech on normal wakeup, if they DWU the tatsu is also slightly meaty (+2 on block I think), as a bonus it also causes Decapre’s stinger to miss if she DWUs.


Nice, I had found a 4f safe jump off it but I couldn’t tell if tapdown made it consistent or if it had to be manual microstep back, that’s a good option.

Also barf @ EVO PS4 announcement, I having to adjust Tatsu loop timings between versions.


It’s not that hard to adjust honestly. I can play ps3, 360, and pc version without a hitch; just takes a few games of playing to adjust.


idk for some reason it’s brutal for me; it can take me at least a few hours if not more. I think I rely on visual cues too much for them, lol


I only just realised if Honda does cr.jab xx hp.hands and the hands don’t fully connect (common at max cr.lp range) then you can punish on block AND hit, mp.srk/ all punish and you can even punish with raw u1. Also if you aren’t sure that the last hits of hands will whiff you may aswell attempt the punish anyway because you’ll just end up blocking/get hit if they don’t whiff.


Shano with some tech! This is something I never truly utilized in my gameplay because I didn’t know what worked on what character.