Red Parries?

I need help with red parrys… i cant pull them off…and whenever i pull off the block for the red parry i get hit… help plz…?

u need to parry from neutral stance so its not blocking, forward… its blocking, neutral, forward… its hard at first yea, but i can red parry a MGB of dudley from time to time now :wink:

its best to practice on ken’s 3rd super art. Have the dummy do it to u in parry training and right when u block the 2nd to the last hit of the super move the joystick quickly to the forward position. Also ryu’s shinkuu hadouken is good to practice on too.:slight_smile: it is going to be weird at first but its best to have regular parrying down packed first b4 u start to mess with red parries. Im not sure but i think u have to still be in block stun to have red parry to work


Also keep in mind that the window for a red parry is much smaller than a blue parry.

Can you explain the “Block to neutral to parry”?

Just a little explination on red parries please…

if u block, u push ur stick to the back, if u want to red parry, u cant just directly press the stick towards ur opponent, u have to go to neutral normal position and then towards, only for a split second though…

so whats the timing… if im blocking ryu’s 1st super… and i want to red parry… what do i do?.. when do i go neutral and for how long… same for dudleys punches…

if ur pressing the stick towards the opponent then aren’t u passing though neutral?

TeamJeff: If im not mistaken ryu’s first super is 5 hits? The way i red parry it is when its hitting me and im holding back i hear the fireball hitting me. And when the 4th hit is blocked by you, you immediately move the joystick to forward and the red parry should happen. U can’t move the joystick right when the fifth hit strikes you because that too late. Move the joystick RIGHT when the 4th hit of the fireball hits u. Try to red parry the last hit of ken’s 3rd super art. Its way easier:)


do u think uriens charge is charge back, neutral, forward +k ???

no it isnt, u have to do back charge, forward… it comes out that fast, u need to have that little sweet spot in the middle to red parry because throwing ur stick to the different direction isnt gonna help…

If u are doing urien’s charge ur saying that you do charge bk 2 seconds while holding back and go right to foward? When you are rolling your finger to forward aren’t you passing through neutral? Look at it this way, lets say ur charging back for 2 seconds waiting to do a move and you don’t roll your finger to forward you pick it up for a split second and press forward and kick the move will still come out. That time that your finger is off the pad the stick is in neutral. Im not saying the your wrong but when i red parry ken’s 3rd super art I hold back while he is hitting me and right before the last hit i move my thumb quick as shit to forward and it works. The pause isn’t needed cuz you moved THROUGH neutral to get to forward. Thats just the way i do it. I don’t notice myself pausing for a fraction of a sec at all. I move that shit right to foward, i won’t deny that you have to move it to neutral for a split second but i think that the spit sec it you moving it from back to foward.


idunno man, but i think u need to have the stick on neutral for a couple of frames, or it wont parry, that why u cant do a qcf,qcfparries at forward and then press k or p\

idunno, im confoozed, ask the pros

OK, I think this is where ya’ll are getting mixed up. A neutral input is needed before any type of parry IIRC. Like what DooM said above, this is why you cannot use the toward part of a fireball motion to parry something and immediately do a special. Now if you are blocking a block string high (say Ryu’s crouching strong xx fireball) you’d block the strong then tap toward. You are stuck in blockstun, you input neutral (while moving from back to toward) and then input a parry and if timed right you should parry. Say you are blocking Ryu’s crouch forward into fireball. You’ll be blocking from the down-back position. You sorta can just tap the stick toward and red parry the fireball, but if you miss the neutral input you just end up eating the fireball (which happens to me all the time). I haven’t figured out a really good method of ensuring the neutral input, but now that i think about it I think I can block the forward, do a quarter circle back and then tap toward to make sure I hit neutral.

Another example: Elena jumps in with Fierce and then hits crouch strong for another block string. So you block the jump fierce by holding back and if you move the stick straight to down (using the smallest amount of motion possible) there’s a good chance you’ll miss neutral and eat that strong. So block the first hit, let go of the stick, letting it go back to neutral, then tap down-- red parry!

I’m not sure if it’s the same in 3S, but in CVS2 you cannot parry when you are holding down a button (I haven’t tried holding down start and seeing if I can parry). Like if you’re saving up a TAP with Mike Bison (Boxer) or Raiden’s one move, you can’t parry if you’re holding down a kick or punch button.

Anyone else know more about the 3S system and would like to add or enlighten me?

yay, i get 2 revive an old thread thread :smiley: anyways, a red parry is just parrying after blockin rite? so exactly wat’s the advantage of getting a red parry? does it make timing the parries easier by blocking the first hit?

the advantage is, you can turn the tables on someone immediatley by red parrying and then retalitating with a damaging combo. keeps assholes like yun and akuma from completley rushing you down if you can catch onto thier patterns.

I am getting relativley consitant with hurricaine kicks and the like, and I really think that is the best place to start is on hurricaine kicks or fireball supers… after doing it enough i find myself instinctivley red parrying a lot of random shit…

i red parried a qcf+p from yang… but that aint necessary… what really was good for me to learn is dudley MGB, if u red parry it u wont be pushed back a bit… then u can finally karakusa him u can see i play makoto

Red parried are both easier and harder at the same time, if you’re blocking a multi -hit move that you’re going to red parry out of, you know the hit is coming. However, the window for a red parry is much smaller than the window for the blue parry. I believe for a red parry you have to hit it within 3 frames of the hit. I don’t remember the number for the blue parry, I think it’s between 9 and 15, jinrai knows the numbers. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t memorize the numbers, but I know where to look. :stuck_out_tongue:


There are three types of parries.
-sloppy blue: move the stick through neutral to toward or down.
-regular blue: move the stick through neutral to toward or down and back to neutral before the attack connects.
-red: parrying while in blockstun, duh.

Input time is:
10 frames for a ground-to-ground regular parry
6 for a ground-to-ground sloppy parry
5 for a ground-to-air blue parry (eg. ground-parrying a jump-in)
7 for an air regular parry
6 for an air sloppy parry
3 for red-parrying a normal move
2 for red-parrying a special move or super art

damn! you get forever to regular parry! now i know y they say dc 3s throws off everyone’s timin

for what is the input time???

What’s the difference between regular and sloppy parries? Do you get more of an advantage with regular ones?