Red Parries


I was just wondering if anyone could give me adviice on red parrying.

Let’s say you are blocking a hurricane kick. Would you let the joystck go to nuetral position after the first block and then press froward? or just press forward immediately after blocking?


I usually go from back to forward without stopping in the neutral position.


neutral is required for red parries. it’s just a matter of how fast you input…a good method is to let go of block, then tap forward…but you gotta do it quickly…


Thanks, I’ll try that method.

Those damn things are pretty freakin hard. After I saw this Red Parry>SSRK vid with Ryu, I just gotta master it.


Even most Japanese players don’t seem to master it, judging from videos. Where it can be a HUGE help, though, is in the endgame where they’ll try to kill you with block damage.

It’s also good for multi-hit normals like Ken’s b+forward, as it will allow you to punish them afterward (witness TK vs. Hitotsume from the Shirube tournament).

Mad risky, though…you only have a 3-frame window to red parry normals, and a 2-frame window for specials and supers. FYI, as a point of comparison, normal parrying window is 10 frames.



hah japan vs nebraska ino redparrying last hit of ryus SA1… thats master



In all the Japanese tournaments I’ve seen, I have a hard time remembering if anyone’s ever red parried a super/special when they needed it to stay alive.

That’s pretty cool tho. =)



Well redparrying the last hit of ryu sa1 is actually pretty easy since the hits come so close together, just tap forward at the last hit and you will usually get it. Also, if you are close to ryu it is always best to at least try to red parry the last hit, either you will get it and get a free hit or you will only get hit by the last hit which wont knock you down and you usually get a free hit then also, whereas if you blocked the whole thing you can only retaliate with like ken sa3 or something like that iirc. I’m not particularly good at red parrying, but the two things that I can red parry almost every time are ryu sa1 last hit and yun’s 3hit chain, red parry the jab shoulder(learned out of necessity, I demand that yun players at least have to work a little to kill me).