Red Parry in CapSnk?

In SF3, red parry is wen u block the first hit or two and then parry the next. Can u do something like this with P Geese? Like parry the first hit then go into Geese’s command counter (HCB+P)?
and can u do it against all multihitting moves? THnx :tup:

you can’t red parry in cvs2

No Red Parry, but

You can’t parry when in block stun. Still, you can parry and then counter. Say you wake up to electricity. You can parry the first hit, input the command for high counter during the pause and then you’ll counter the next hit of electricity.

alright got it.
thanks slipkid :karate:

Yes, in fact, there are a lot of videos out there of Geese showing his best option against random supers as parrying/JD into high counter.
For Bison’s mpc, Geese should parry all of the hits except the last, then counter.
For Sagat’s tiger raid, Geese should parry 3 times then high counter.