Red Parry SAII?

Is it possible to red parry after blocking the first hit of Chun’s Super art II? that first point blank hit can be a bitch to parry.

Yeah it’s possible, but it’s not easy at all.
Red parrying after the first “wave” of kicks is relatively easy though, if you can survive it.

is it just me, or does Q have to red parry the last hit?

it’s not you, it’s Capcom’s fault. They probably thought Q was too powerful, and thus they gave him extra blockstun :rolleyes:

Anyway Q can punish a blocked Houyoukusen quite well even without parrying, since the coomand grab has enough range to catch Chun on the recovery from the final hit.

you’re right, it works!

I got it and its actually easy to do it consistently after the second kick of her sa II. Before, I was trying to put the joystick in the neutral position after blocking the point blank hit, in order to parry, and could not do it at all, hence the post.
The game is surprisingly lenient in allowing you to press toward for the parry without having to stay in the nuetral position. once the screen flashes and chun gets ready to do her SAII, just hold back to block, then wait till she makes contact, then immediately move the stick to toward like a quick charge move (sonic boom, light of justice, etc.). Her kicks in the SA are so fast when blocked, that the speed to move the stick from back to neutral to toward is the exact amount of time needed to leave the stick in neutral before pressing torward. You can get away with not holding the stick in nuetral before the parry in this SA, unlike most other red parries.

obviously you still have to time the red parry just right, but I only practiced it for about 10 minutes and found it a lot easier to do than straight parry the initial hit of the SA because it eliminates almost all of the guesswork required to know when to parry the point blank

can anyone confirm if its possible to red parry the first hit of chun’s canceled saII after blocking her crouching. mk? i’m not so sure you can because the cr. mk gets canceled almost immediately into the super art. saII has a three or four frame start up but if done at point blank range, the input for the parry must be done before the screen flashes.

I’ve been trying to red parry after the cr. mk and have not even gotten one yet. I even put the game in slow motion and there seems to be a separation in time from the cr. mk and the saII. In other words it is not instantaneous (1 frame).
maybe i just can’t figure out the timing.

nevermind i answered my own question. I tried it again for a while and I got ONE. don’t know when the hell i pressed forward, but at least its possible.

You can parry the first hit of Houyokusen after the super freeze, but the window is small and it’s tempting to do it too early. If you enter the parry while Chun’s approaching, it won’t work because the background is still dark. You have to wait until Chun’s leg is lifted up in your face before you can tap forward.

The timing for blue- and red- parrying after the freeze is the same. Chun only gives you 2 frames after the freeze before she hits you, and that happens to be the normal red parry window anyway.

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cool thanks. I’ll have to try that timing…I can’t disagree with someone who has Peter griffin for an avatar. :tup:

Am I…Am I supposed to parry with my penis?

Jinrai: Isnt it possible to redparry BEFORE the superflash? It sounds more logic to me, same as blue parry and all?

edit: nvm, red-arry window is 2 frames and the super hits the 2nd frame if im correct, so you have to press after the superflash

JinraiPVC- thanks. You’re absolutely right. Now, I can red parry it at least 9 out of 10 times. you just bought me some extra wins from people trying to kill me by chip damage. :tup:

im still having trouble tryna blue parry the first hit.
is there really a good time to tap forward?

the only way to stop it is to attack about rite b4 the super flashes (without parry)

but they real problem is my first question… or is it I have to wait til she lifts her leg? which I tap forward but still get hit.

I get it sumtimes by tapping forward rite on the flash then forwad again… or even holding up at the flash then tap forward.

its like she gives no time to do anything… cant jump after the flash cant attack… only block and parry =/

easiest way to do it is to tap forward while chunli ducks the second time. This only works if chunli is not doing anything and then does the super which is two fireball motions so when she goes to do the second fireball motion and u see her go down again just tap forward. Hope that helps.

ah… so r u saying I have to tap forward b4 the special?