Red parry situations?

yeah, well, if you’re playing urien, it can also mean you’re about to game over the other player.

I do agree that’s a high-risk, variable reward situation. Not worth it if you’re just gambling it, if you’re not sure you can capitalize on it properly or if you have a good punish after blocking it.

I like red parrying super fireballs because if you mess up, you don’t take that much damage and you get a free punish either way.
Plus you won’t get knocked down trying it.

Also in some situations like vs ken, his cr.lp block string has the same red parry timing as his target combo.

Why do you want to red parry the last hit of Jinrai?

Yeah, red parrying the last hit doesn’t really help that much. I don’t think there’s much of a need to red parry the 2nd hit of Urien’s cr. HP since you have all day to punish it on block. What does the red parry add for punishment? Maybe slightly better positioning? (ken mp, fp chain?) Doesn’t seem like it’s worth the risk

Red parrying is #1) to survive chip #2) to maximize damage (like the 2nd or 3rd hit of Ken’s SA3)

There’s no point in taking a huge risk (as attempting the 2nd hit of Uriens cr. HP) unless you are showing off or extremely desperate

… Depends on the character

Mak gets st fp/karakusa on red parry and only gets cr strong into hayate without
Akuma gets free short demon flip into combo iirc on red parry while only getting cr fwd to whatever without

Same thing with Ken’s sa3

the risk/reward factor for red parring different things changes depending on the character

I was about to say “so I can punish with cr.HP” then I saw Jinrai is -11 and cr.HP is 9 start-up.

I’m a scrub.

Regardless, I found that red parrying the second hit and parrying the consecutive hits is fairly easy and consistent, so I guess that’s my parry out of jinrai…

You don’t even need to parry the rest that’s too much work. Just standard parry the 3rd and neutral jump for a full jump in combo. You get less damage if you just parry the whole thing.