Red parry window?

what are the frames for a red parry?

“Red parry windows for all moves: 3 for normal moves, 2 for specials/supers.”


if you fuck up a red parry do you still get to block? (don’t own/play 3s but interested in mechanics)

No. You get smacked.

so, whats a red parry? lol
really i dont know.

Red parrying is when you parry inbetween moves that would otherwise combo if they hit. 3rd strike doesnt have autoguard like sf4 so you have to be holding back the entire time you’re getting blockstring’d but if you’re precise enough you can parry through a tight blockstring and counter. Watch the kuroda vs ino set matches on youtube and you’ll see ino red parrying the last hit of akuma’s super fireball and punish with his own super.

here: [media=youtube]RCwpps4CvwY#t=1m02s[/media]

The reason I hate 3S.