Red parrying: any tricks?

With parry if you miss, you eat the rest. Speaking mostly of special moves and ex’s is there a trick to this, i heard there was a way where even if you dont red parry you end up blocking anyway ? impossible?
Just seen a few videos, seems like a really good punisher, Seen chunli red parry kens last hit on the saIII,
ive been trying to do it with chunli spinning bird kick and kens tatsu, no luck !

a screenshot for fun.

make sure you leave the stick at neutral for a split second then hit forward/down, if you dont go to neutral it doesnt count as a parry

yeah i do that, i thought tatsu would be easiest to try on, because kicks come in small intervals, but i never get it, i hold back then as soon as i see the next kick comming, neutral, tap forward. Probably timing wrong

Practice on ryu’s sa1. Really easy to do. I dont do the neutral thing. I kind of slam it forward and I still get a red parry. I think you only have 2-3 frames for a red parry. If you know frame #'s that might help a little.

^ Yeah. I’ve been working the “slam forward” thing two. Kinda reminds me of EWGF. But that’s another game for another time.

when you go neutral your wasting precious frame time. You can easily fuck up the red parry window by doing this. I think it would easier\safer just to slam it forward\down. 2-3 frames is hardly enough time to go neutral, see the frames then tap forward. Hell, theres barely enough time to slam it. I dont see why you would add an extra step.

I dont think you can slam it faster than 2-3 frames. So in theory, slamming it everytime when you need to gives you the best chance to red parry. When I say slam I mean hit fwd\dwn as fast as you can from block. I think its humanly impossible to to hit fwd\dwn from block in 1 frame. If this is true, all you would have to worry about is what move (hi\lo) their going to throw and what speed for the parry. This is how I do it and ive done it a handful of times when I really needed too.

ryus sa1, dudleys uppercut super, chungl li’ sa2 (red parry after she switches legs) these are easy when you talk about red parrying and you can keep on parrying pretty easy after the red. Red parrying does take practice. Once you learn the timing, all you have to do is apply it to what move and what speed.

I guess if neutral is working for you go ahead and keep doing it. Different people have different methods. Doing it is much more important than how you do it.

Because you HAVE to to got o neutral for it to count as a parry, even if you slam it forward, if you got a red parry, then you still hit neutral for a split second, elsewise there’d be no red parry.

I find it easiest to red parry against moves like Tyrant Slaughter and Critical Combo Attack.

Does red parrying depend on what super two? Like Slam foward for Ibukis SA1 but neutral for like kens SA3??? Im sorry im a bit puzzled.

I find fed parry to be useful vs crossup happy kens. Usually vs Ken after blocked crossup either tap forward to red parry target combo or down to red parry a But dont guess wrong or thats your ass.

Anyways learn to red parry chun’s SA2 half way through. It isnt that hard and it may come in handy every now and then.

Okay thanks guys, i think slam forward would work on chunlis spinning bird kick, ive yet to try again but i was playing arcade mode today and i red parryed KEN SAIII and punished him with a SAII -> superjump -> HP->HP , it was amazing. Then i did it again. I had to go into neutral for a bit to do this. Im not sure if this is “usefull” in match situations, it certainly is risky but when only blocked ken does recovery from pretty fast.

Im trying chunlis SAII, i can red parry it after the first wave of kicks but then i eat the rest, trying to parry the rest.

what ?

Odd how you find it useful, then right after you say it’s your ass if you guess wrong. Scary contradiction.

3s is about making predictions. You cant be right every time or you’d be getting perfects every match. I was just saying that after ken crosses he usually does mp, hp. Tap forward to red parry. sometimes he’ll go low. I’m not saying try to red parry after every blocked crossup/Jump in. I’m just saying it works every now and then if your opponent is being predictable and you think you can get away with it.

I’ve heard that red parrying restores chip damage you’ve recieved before the parry, is that true?

No. Parry and red parry never restore your life.

If you are using chun, you don’t need that red parry and still can do b.fp xx sa2 or xx sa2. Every red parry you do is a very high risk. If you can punish blocked attacks w/ your most hurting combo w/o red parry, why do it?
Of course, you can take risks and be flashy.

If you play urien, you need that red parry to hit c.hp.

Sure you aren’t thinking about just defend. :rofl: (CvS2)

Practice red parrying on the console version of 3s.

If you don’t have any console versions you can practice red parry against the computer Ryu. (yeah I know it’s the computer…) but the computer loves to do + fireball. So practice blocking the and red parrying the fireball.

DO NOT SLAM FORWARD. ppl are gonna confuse hella new people that way.

to red parry, you go to neutral, then hit forward/down. the window is 2 frames as opposed to like the 9 frames u get normally, so its harder, yes. but there are no tricks to doing it.

That’s quite the homoerotic avatar there.

1.) You should almost never red parry.
2.) Only red parry if:
a. you need to in order not to die
b. the consequences of failing to red parry are not something crazy like eating a full genei jin combo after trying to red parry the third hit of Yun’s chain
c. you have way more health than your opponent and want to be risky
d. you’re playing in casuals and want to be fancy
3.) Your mom has a big butt.
4.) Like Eps said, don’t go prancing around with this slamming forward without going neutral nonsense. That’s wrong, and dumb, and probably if you do it your face will get even uglier. I know everyone here has an ugly face except for me, and don’t even try to say otherwise. You might not think you can get any uglier, but believe me, your mom (the goddess of all that is ugly) will find a way to make you so. Bunch of uglies. Ohhhh! Zinged you all. Anyway, don’t leave the stick at neutral or whatever, it just can’t be a continuous motion from back to toward. You have to like, stop holding block right as you block the hit before the attack you want to red parry, neutral it, and then press forward.

when you slam fwd your going through neutral if your blocking as bbq pointed out. I just dont see how theres time to make sure you go to neutral then tap fwd. 2-3 frames doesnt allow that kind of time. Thats why I made the comment about slamming fwd. Its probably humanly impossible to slam fwd in 1 frame but very probable to do it in 2-3. If you slam, youll more than likely be in the red parry timing all the time. All you would have to do is time the parry right. This only works for fwd though. Red teching low is much harder. I’ve never had a problem red teching fwd with this method.