Red parrying

So what exactly is red parrying? If I remember correctly, its parrying a hit directly after blocking one before it. I thought the red parrying by Hugo against KO in sbo was pretty impressive.

But anyway, heres the question: if RP is parrying a hit after blocking it, why isn’t parrying just the last hit of Chun Li’s SAII a red parry? The whole sequence is a combo. Is it because the two hits in the combo need to be within 3 frames of each other?

You recover before the last hit… you could do a special move or super if you wanted. You can only red parry when you’re in blockstun (can I call it that in this game?) from a previous attack. But since you recover first, and can do anything else, you get blue parry…

except for Q.

sometimes it’s a red parry for Chun Li also

Coincidently enough, for the first time ever…it was a red parry for me–strange! Why is it different sometimes?

so who knows anything solid about red down parry. ive never done it purposely, it seems hard.

Sometimes when I mess up and cancel a blocked Q dash punch or standing forward into SAI, people red parry the 4th hit, which is low. That’s about the only time I’ve seen it. It’s no harder, same concept and everything.

If you think about it, how many moves/combos in the game have either closely-spaced down attacks or forward-then-down attacks? Not too many. Most of them are down-then-forward or forward-forward.

necro sa3 comes to mind.

you need red down parries to get rid of shoto short jab short strings

last hit oh shinkuu hadouken can be parried low iirc.

Chun-Li has to red parry Houyoku Sen if she blocks it crouching. If she blocks standing, it’s blue parry. But I’m not 100% sure that’s the full explanation. That super is… weird, to say the least. I’ve seen a few odd situations involving it that I don’t really understand.

But anyways, if you’re playing Chun vs. Chun, and you start blocking SA2 low, switch to high blocking in between sets so that the parry at the end is easier.

it makes sense about Chun since she takes 2 extra blockstun frames when crouching (like Q and Ryu - but I think Q takes extra blockstun even standing))