Red Rings on my Xbox


So the Infamous 3 red rings appeared on my Xbox today, about 3.5 years after my purchase. I was curios if it’s worth paying Microsoft to fix my Xbox. I’m not entirely TOO tech savvy but I really don’t want to mess my Xbox up. I was curious How long would it take if I sent my Xbox in aswell as how long would it take if I fixed it myself. Also if someone could summarize the difficulty of this process I would greatly appreciate it.


Takes about three weeks for microsoft to send it back after you send it to them. If you do it, it won’t take long, but you need to have the parts, and it isn’t exactly a guaranteed fix and it doesn’t always last. If you want to make sure it works, send it in, if you want to gamble you can attempt to fix it yourself. Get the exact error code, do a google search and see what the cause is. It may be something easy to fix, or it may be one that isn’t worth trying to fix.


Thanks man, for some reason all the websites I visited said Microsoft would take 2 months or more, possibly I was looking at old sites. I think I’ll end up sending it in, thanks a lot.


If you’re not going to send it back to microsoft, if you don’t know what you’re doing, seek out help from someone who can properly trouble shoot the issue with the xbox, and do work like a reflow.

For the love of god, do not wrap it in a towel or put it in the oven.


Haha don’t worry I’m not stupid enough to believe/risk stuff like that


Not HARD, just a pain in the butt.


You could always try the towel trick :]…