Red Rock Hotel special rate is ALREADY expired and it shouldnt be

I hate to be the bearer of bad news (considering i didnt even want to post) but i felt i should bring this up. I just tried to reserve my room with the evolution 2k rate, and i was told by the staff that the rate had expired on july 18th, yesterday, NOT august 1st as is printed on registration.

Somewhere along the line, you or they made a major screwup. Since it was just one day, I was able to talk them into giving me the special rate regardless. Even so, this is something that needs to be fixed right away or a lot of people are going to get screwed over.

This happened to me at Evo East, but it was taken care of promptly, so I wouldn’t stress too much about it until you hear otherwise from the Cannons, Mr Wiz, etc… It’s most likely a screw up on the hotels end. You probably just talked to the wrong person at the wrong time. That does suck though.

ruh roh…You should have told wiz/inkblot/ponder first…now you are gonna get banned for posting some trutheful bad news.
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I spoke with the hotel again today, and they said there is 2 cutoff dates in the computer one for July 18th and one for August 1st. Just ask the rep to make sure you get under the August 1st cutoff date, and you should be good to go. If the representive is still having problems, wait a day and call back.

As i stated in the other thread, you can go ahead and post any news about current events or evo tournaments that is happening, but when it turns into a one sided mudslinging fest, we just wont tolerate that.

It wasn’t mudslinging, you douchebag. It wasn’t slander, either. It was an entirely truthful report of what was going on. Instead of handling the situation calmly, as one would expect you to do, you freaked out and banned one of the most useful posters on your entire site.

Brilliant move.

^yes but this post is definitely mudslinging.

douchebag? yeah. BAN HIM !!!