Red rock inn curfew and evo

Some people who attend evo will be under 21, how will this new rule affect them?

Couldn’t I randomly just pick out someone and be like, “He’s my guardian.”?

Fuck curfews. And yea i think you have to have a gardian, otherwise you’re fucked.

lol @ all you minors…


I second that

Doesn’t bother me cuz none of them will be playing HSF2 :rofl:

I mean…I know at Evo certain tournaments go on till early in the morning. So basically that means a lot of people under the age of 21 will get kicked out of the tournament just because of their age? If so then I really question going to this tournament. Unless all tournaments will be done during the day which I really doubt.

that sounds like a big problem i think, unless they make all underage people stay in the tourney room after hours. a good amount of players going are roughly 18-20 i would imagine. i hope theres a plan of action or hella stations to finish tourneys on time

If u get in trouble say your dads name is ponder.

This policy is not meant to apply to guests of the hotel or tournament attendees, it’s meant to get local Vegas party animals who are under-21 to look for someplace else to drink illegally. I’ll have official confirmation that this does not apply to us through the hotel shortly.


yo… if thats true fuck this…

Ok thanks, one article I read says

“Underage persons staying in the resort’s 414-room hotel are still allowed on site, though an adult must accompany them after 9 p.m.”

Oh ok…that shouldn’t be a problem then. One of the guys I’m trying to get going with me is over 21 any ways.

Damn, I guess being 18-20 isn’t considered an adult ;). That’s dope, hopefully this applies to having sex with underage girls. :):slight_smile:

well in vegas you have to be 21 to rent the room, so just make sure that person is there if you want to roam the casino.

Is it possible?.. Joey C. is everyone’s daddy for EVO? Please? ('cept me of course, I’m over 21) :sweat:

So I have to accompanied by my buddies mom if I plan on staying out late?