Red September 2 Its Hurricane Season in Mississippi

Name of this event:

Red September 2

Date of event:

September 11, 2010

Place of event:

Holiday Inn
495 Springridge road
clinton, ms 39056

Contact information
Phone: 601-951-4229

This event is being held by 32 Bit Dreams Entertainment!!!

What it do Guys and Gals?!?!? We’re at it again in my home state of Mississippi bringing forward yet another Hot/Thrill Seeking Tournament. What a way to end the summer with yet another Sizzling Tourney here in the growing Southeast scene. 32Bit Dreams and Entertainment as well as I want to open our hearts up once again and give you all an wide open invitation to come join us here at our second annual Red September Tournament. I can assure you that if you attend that you will enjoy the competition that we have here in the state cause We Go Hard!!! Our community scene is growing by the minute and we want you all to come out to support not just our state but the Fighting Game Community. The following games will be played on the PS2 and PS3 system:

  1. Super Street Fighter 4
  2. Tekken 6
  3. Super Street Fighter 2 HD Remix
  4. Street Fighter 3 3rd Strike
  5. Marvel vs Capcom 2

There will be an registration fee of $10 as well as an $10 game entry fee for each game that you part take in. Doors will open at 10:30 a.m. to begin registration and the tournament itself will start no later than 12p.m noon.

Also there will be an all out battle between the guys in the state of Mississippi in the game Super Street Fighter 4. Its been alot of trash talk in the forum on who maybe the best in our state so we will settle things there. The winner of that will be know as the man or woman in our state and we will do an winner take all of the pot prize for that person.

All GAMES are Double Elim.–Best 2 out of 3. All FINALS will be an Best 3 out of 5 Bout!!! I’m asking of YOU ALL to please, please behave yourself in an adult manner, I would hate for a person to mess up things or get kicked out of this tournament. So please I ask that you leave all the BULLSHIT AT HOME!!! Of course you all know that this will also be an B.Y.O.C.( if you don’t know what that is it means bring your own controllers people) for the games that you plan on playing on the home consoles. I ask that you make sure that your controllers/ arcade sticks are working perfectly so that you don’t have to run around asking of boring other people’s things.Winners must keep the same character(or team) and losers will have the chance to change their characters(or team).Payouts are standard tournament pay which is:
1st place: 70%
2nd place: 20%
3rd place: 10%

If you are playing in multiple games you need to notify a organizer when you are about to play in another game, so they can skip your match on the brackets and come back to you after you completed the other tournament match.

Also once the tournament starts you are responsible for knowing when your next match will come up. If you have to go for a food (hopefully I’ll have some food there for everyone) or bathroom break, then “PLEASE” notify the judge at your station or that you will be gone for a few minutes. The judge should be able to tell you when your next game will be and how long you have before your next match up. Act like you have been to a tournament before people and everything will run smoothly.

To whomever is going to bring a tv+system I WILL PAY for your badge! You can never have too many tv’s+systems at a console tournament! Make sure they aren’t TV’s with lag. You maybe use to playing on them, but if they have lag I can’t use them due to everyone will complain playing on them! We will test them out before we give you the badge. Also they must be at least a 19" tv with system and game to qualify for a badge. Let’s kick this new series off with a bang! I hope to see everyone there and make this a huge success. Lets do this!!!

I am asking to everyone that plans to attend this event to get there as early as you can so we can start the event on time. I am also asking for people to have change and not bring huge dollar bills so that we can move things along more accurately. Only a lil over a month away people, I hope to see alot of people there.

Will there be spare ps3 TE sticks and fight pads?

Yep, I’ll definitely be there.

I’ll also bring an EVO monitor (basically 21.5", no lag) and a PS3 with Tekken 6 and Super (though I won’t be entering Super).

I’d also like to run a BlazBlue: Continuum Shift side tournament, if I may. Or, if you want, you can add it to the tournament roster and I’ll run it myself. I guarantee more people will show for that than HDR.

Oh, and JRock, you can buy a PS3 fightpad for around $18 if you look hard enough. As for the stick, I do PS3/360 dual mods for around $80. If you want references, talk to Vice, Pwnag3Pur3ly, Severin-x, or Cylus.

Kyoji you know ill be at this event…

Is there like a side tourney to determine best in MS or just based off your overall rank in the big Super ranbat.

Of course you know I’ll be there.

Rod is Brian coming?

If Ricky is coming then you know I gotta show up. Count me in, lol

Yes Sir!!!

Thanks for the support duck and yes you can run blazeblue at the tourney, if enough people don’t sign up for certain games then I’ll just throw them out and run the blazeblue in its place. We can never have enough refs so if any of you guys are willing to do so I’ll wave your registration fee. Also pm me your email address and I’ll email you the flyers I got so you can pass them out around campus at Ole Miss so hopefully some of those guys can come down as well. Also when the tekken tourney starts you can explain the rules as far for that game cause I remember you saying something about guys setting their pads a certain way which was tournament illegal, I’m giving you the right to explain that so that no one will get screwed this time around on it. See if you can get some of the memphis crew to come as well.

Yea you do that so you can get murked at the tourney by me lol

Yes! We will start off one tourney with everyone(people from ms and other states) in SSF4 and after that one is Finish we will start the MS SSF4 TOURNEY.

Yea I called brian last night and told him to go ahead and put in that night off at work and to get in some hardcore training for the tourney.

Glad your coming again to the next tourney man, hope you get some good practice in cause if not I’m mopping the floor with yours and ricky’s bison lol, just kidding. You might wanna try to get in touch with ken to get your stick dual modded before then if you can, we still have a lil over 3 weeks so that should be plenty of time to get things done. Spread the word people!!!

Bitchin’, I’ll just plan on running BlazBlue regardless and ref it myself.


@Kyoji I’ve decided I’m just going to get a TE stick for PS3 and then get it dual modded after the tourney. Makes more sense to me than dual modding my SE and having to change the joystick and what not (again)

Heard Dual Mods have some lag in em. Just do some research before ya do it!

Tourny. I’ll be there. MVC2 ANAKARIS!

You heard wrong, slick. No lag. None. NADA. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m thinking of getting an TE FightStick as well after the tourney but maybe I gotta get more used to my HAPPS stick 1st then maybe move on to it. Spread the word people, we only have like 2 1/2 weeks left before the TOURNAMENT…

I’m going to try to make it to this tournament. If you guys would like, I can bring my Dreamcast down with all of my fighting games just for shits and giggles. I have Street Fighter III: Third Strike, Street Fighter Alpha III, Capcom vs SNK: Millennium Fight 2000, Marvel vs Capcom 2, and a few others.

Kool, I got CvS2 so we can play that as well on dreamcast.

I’m gonna try to make this one, should be able to.

I’ll enter BB:CS(if it happens) and SSFIV

Just plan on it happening. Every time someone says they’ll enter a tournament “if it happens” it never happens because people think it won’t.

It’ll happen.

I will more than likely be there. Glad you guys decided to add 3S and HDR!

Oh, and thanks for sending a text about it, Kyoji. Almost forgot this was coming up. :lol:

Hope you can make it down so I can Mop The Floor with Your Bison lol, j/k…

Ha, glad you will be joining us again man, I wanna money match you and your cammy at the tourney as well.

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