Red September 2 Its Hurricane Season in Mississippi

Great commercial, but you guys are seriously killing me by not putting BlazBlue on the ticket. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just to say it in bold so people know it: I AM DOING A BBCS SIDE TOURNAMENT. IT IS STILL HAPPENING.

I didn’t have a part in the commercial, sorry… Just posting so people would see we’re trying to seriously advertise this thing. Rod printed flyers and has commercials going so we’re hoping to have a big turnout again. Bigger than last time would be great.

Bring your fightsticks so I can try them out. Right now I’m using the MvC2 fightstick for PS3… so it’s a JLF. I’d like to compare how it plays to yours. So long as you have an octo or round gate on yours. Square gates are unplayable for me.

You can do BB as an Side Tourney Duck, I dont mind at all man. I’ll announce it to people as they come in to sign before you guys get there and try to convince them to play it.

acekombat went ahead and purchased a ps3 te stick for the event. I can’t find a fightpad for sale. does anyone know who will have a ps3 fightpad for this event? if no one has one would someone lend a te stick?

I think I’m bringing more people for bb than I am for street fighter xD

So, good news, bad news:

The bad news is Cylus isn’t coming. The good news is this gives some of you a chance at actually winning now. :stuck_out_tongue:

That said, I’m thinking w00t’s gonna clean house. Speaking of w00t:

Good man. :wink:

Rules for BBCS is as follows:

– $10 entry, 70/20/10 payout
– Tournament will make even if there are two competitors (I’ll just call it a money match :P)
– Double elimination, best out of three matches
– Loser may change character
– Grand finals best of five (losers winner must win two sets)
– All characters allowed (Makoto will available) except for unlimited characters
– Beginner mode banned, and all commands except A, B, C, D and taunt must be unbound during button settings

Right now I only have one PS3 setup for the game, but BBCS matches go quickly so I don’t think this will be a problem. I will have a spare stock TE stick available if needed.

Oh, I’ll also be bringing my tool kit tomorrow in case anyone needs it.

Regarding the ruleset for Tekken, I researched a bunch of tournaments and most of them say nothing about mapping throws to the shoulder buttons, but it shoulder button mapping is a practice that’s heavily frowned upon by the community and is no different than binding a specific button for throws for focus attacks in SF4.

Thank you for the vote of confidence :smiley:

Coming with a crew from Petal & Hattiesburg!

Somebody bring a CRT, I’m bringing Melty. Also, I will MM people in Dissidia.

cylus not coming? :wtf: thats fucked up. I wanted to see the so called best (mainly word from duck) and see put an end to it. sounds like someone is scared imo lol but all is good see ya tomorrow.

ps. what time exactly will SSF4 start tomorrow?

No problem. Now you’d better win the MS tourney or I’ll knife your tires.

I’ll bring the next best thing: an EVO monitor with a VGA box.

I’m also bringing a Wii for some sexy GGAC and Tvc tiems. Yes, I’ll have a spare GC stick.

Nope, not scared, just busy with family and schoolwork. If you REALLY think he’s scared you’re more than willing to come to Oxford and I’ll put up $100 in a money match with you vs him.

Cylus may not be coming, but the guys who are coming from North MS should be more than enough to take this thing. I’m still predicting a North MS sweep. The only people who gave w00t and Janin problems at Cinderslam were Jakob002 and Rawkus, and well… they’re not from MS. :stuck_out_tongue: Now I hear lycan is coming, and may be bringing severin-x (top ranked North MS player, second only to Cylus) with him. Those four should be more than enough. I have faith in my boys.

Of course, what I REALLY wanted to see is Cylus vs vegita-x, but sadly that isn’t happening. :frowning:

Oh, and I’ll start BBCS an hour after SF4 to give time for people to get their first matches in.

I need to know if SSF4 is starting at 12:00 or is that when registration ends?

Glad the coast guys are coming, along with the rest of you guys too.

Cylus probably can’t come because his nuts are weighed down by his fanboys. Sorry, I had to. lolz.

Should be fun to watch all of the games tomorrow and of course play Marvel.

SSF4 should be starting around 12, yes.

Cylus is “retired” from SF and hardly ever makes a commitment to come to any tournament because he’s got kids and stuff.

It’s interesting that you want to play the best.

Is the best of MS tournament Round robin? I.E. if there are 14 entrants each entrant plays a 2 out 3 set against every entrant. Basically you have 3 or 4 setups where one player plays every person who entered, etc. Or is it just a standard tournament bracket?

Round Robin is a little more accurate but it’s all good if there’s not enough time for it.

Local news:

Janin chickened out on both BB and SF and actually isn’t coming anymore so chalk one down for NorMiss being gone (Am I NorMiss, SoTenn, or CenMiss? I don’t even know anymore, I have residence all over the place), although I am replacing his competition with a better Zangief who is actually from Jackson who has never made himself known so it’s all good as far as SF is concerned, we’ll see if he can make a name for himself…

Semosh is undecided on competiting in SF but definantly attending and probably only BB (NorMiss player).

I’ll compete in BB only if I win money in the SSFIV main, if it starts during it I can’t enter. Same goes for money matches.

North Mississippi Competition (Unofficial):
Squabbler (SF)
O (SF)
Semosh (BB:CS)

Central Mississippi:
John (No gamertag but don’t underestimate him, SF)

Me (SF, BB:CS{possibly})


Hype statement for tonight: ** Mississippi is free. **

Yeah sorry Duck I cant make it either. I got to be at the vets office with a few of the little ones in about an hour. I have no idea how long it will take so I lost my ride with O and squab. Sucks cause I was hype for the MS throw down.

Woot you will always be North MS man. Come on now. Southaven for life.

Last time I played him I won… He’s good but his boxer couldn’t keep up with my muay thai.
plus the word “best” only came from duckie…

Was that an online match?

omg ps3 fightpad is wireless wtf!.. stiff as fuck too

severin, yes it was online and everyone down here knows online is shit, and i never brag about online wins…however when ace lost to cylus online duckie made a big deal about it.

Oh your good man. I was just curious if it was online or not. I agree you cant take anything online too seriously.

Ggs to all the people I played in the Jackson tournaments. Shoutouts in the results thread.