Red September 2 Results

Man I had a blast saturday at Red September 2, sorry to post the results so late lol. We didn’t have a turnout as big as Cinderslam due to some festivals going on in town that weekend but we had some Damn Good Players there. I personally want to thank everyone that showed up there for the tournament and hope that you guys can make it out for the next one. Good games to everyone that I played(Especially the ones that money matched me, they were so Sweet) and many thanks to the guys that had like the 3 hours plus drives. With all of that being said here are the results of all the games:


  1. AceKombat (Ms Player)
  2. w00tsick (Ms Player)
  3. Kurtis Clark (Ms Player)
  4. JRockEclipse (Ms Player)
  5. Mark White (Arkansas Player)
  6. Lycan (Ms Player)
  7. Playa F (Ms Player)

BlazBlue CC:

  1. w00tsick
  2. John
  3. Viceturso
  4. Semosh
  5. DaRabidduckie (All players were from MS)

Street Fighter 3 3rd Strike:

  1. Edo (Ms Player)
  2. Tabias(Ms Player)
  3. K yoji24 (Ms Player)
  4. Earl Cotton (Ms Player)

Marvel vs Capcom 2

  1. David Ido Farve (Ms Player)
  2. TJ (Chicago Player)
  3. Magneto Man

Tekken 6:

  1. Nicholas (Ms Player)
  2. Lycan (Ms Player)
  3. Viceturso (Ms Player)
  4. EC (Ms Player)
  5. TJ( Chicago Player)

Again, Again much Thanks and Love goes out to the Players that came out and I hope to see you guys at the next one. I Promise you all that the next one will be even BETTER!!!

I’m tired but here goes shoutouts .

JRockEclipse : That sucks you got 4th place because you didn’t had a comfortable pad to play with ( PS3 fightpads suck ) , but oh well . Some pad modding site/forum/information would be nice to have lol ! Props to you for actually giving my stick a try using Guile though :wink: !

Kyoji : Thanks for running the tournament Rod ! Couldn’t stay for long though since I had to get adjusted with my sleep schedule for college since it was a 4 hour drive . I had some fun meeting new people and some I met a while ago . I had a great time and I’m sure others had as well :wgrin: ! PS : You don’t mind signifying which area the MS players are from towards the results ( North/Central/South ) ?

w00tsick : Very cool dude I must say :karate: . Like Jakob said , you have a great amount of patience and remained very clam in almost all of your matches . You played Dictator really well overall and I can see why people rooted for you considering you knew what you were doing . Congratulations getting second place :tup: ! As I said in MS thread , I respect you and your Tennessee crew for coming up to this tournament and representing your area ( or North MS ) . I hope we can meet again some day or maybe even meet up on live :bgrin: !

DaRabidDuckie : Great to see you come to this tournament Duckie ! Sucks that you and Vice don’t play SSFIV , but I’m happy you got some people willing to mod their sticks from you at this tournament . Where was your cigar btw ?!?

Vice : Didn’t expect to see you there since you talked about retiring for a while . It was nice to see you again and congratulations on getting 3rd place on both Tekken and Blazblue !

To everyone else I probably have forgot few names or likewise , I enjoyed coming out and seeing the community as a whole , shows me that there actually are a few players in MS that play SSFIV ( In Central and North that is… South MS still slacking but it WILL increase player population ) . Shoutouts to everyone of you that entered Red September II !!!

Had a great time, though I’m learning it’s impossible to play a game you’re running the brackets for. My BB game was terrible, but mostly because I spent too much time playing TvC during casuals. I seriously spent the first four matches trying to launch people with 3C! o_O I promise though, once Marvel 3 comes out I’ll be tearing everyone’s asses in half. :slight_smile:

Lycan, w00t, and Semosh – Thanks for showing off those North MS skills that I’m constantly bragging about.

Squabb – Good times as always, and thanks for the breakfast.

ido – You forgot that stick! :stuck_out_tongue:

Rod – Thanks for the work, and thanks for putting on another great tournament. Already looking forward to the next one!

Ricky/NBU – Sorry I didn’t get to say much. You were practically a ninja, man. You showed up, played, and then poof gone.

JRock and AceKombat – Good shit stuffing all that smack talk down my throat. I’ll get with you guys later about making a dual-mod pad once I figure out what all would be involved.

TJ – Thanks for leaving me with Tekken. :stuck_out_tongue: (j/k) Next time I see Kurasa I’ll have to tell him I beat the hell out of you at TvC. :wink:

Visionfreemind – Nice to finally put a face to the name. Catch me online and I’ll let you beat me up at MvC2. Oh, and who was that cute blonde you were with? :stuck_out_tongue:

Vice – I’m still a little salty that I can’t beat your Lili and that you absolutely demolished me at BBCS, but I’m glad to see you got some of your confidence back. Always great seeing you, and thanks for the Melty matches.

EC – Good shit as always, brother. I really wanted to play your Kuma (the HMMF) but wasn’t afforded the chance. Oh well.

Anyone who played me at TvC: Sorry about that, but at least dem nuts is clean! XD

Anyone who didn’t play TvC: You still suck.

Rawkus – Thanks for coming down, dude. Hope those rumored Cammy nerfs are bs. She really deserves to be good in something other than CvS2.

Anyone who talked to me about stick work: Send me your stuff! I need MY FIGHT(stick) MONEEEEEEYYYYY!

John – Two things: 1) I hate Tager, and 2) I told ya entering the BBCS tournament was worth your time! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hahaha, oh I had it. Your brother asked me the same thing and I showed him my cigar tube. I busted it out during Tekken and BB play. :tup:

Do any of the players that place top 3 in Mvc2 want to MM me, on Oct 9th in Houston,Tx??

I’ll do a FT7 with:
David Ido Farve
Magneto Man

Any Takers??

Man I had a blast, I promise the next one will be Bigger/Better!!!

Duck, I remembered too late about the stick, but next time you’re in town if you haven’t sold it yet I’ll pick it up from you. Also I may have an idea for you, but I’ll PM you and see what you think about it first. It would involve money going into your hand so I’m sure you’ll be interested lolz.

Also I had fun playing Marvel… For some reason I just wasn’t on point the whole day but I managed to pull out the win thankfully. I had the best matches with the guy who played Clockwork… I didn’t think I would win the finals against him.

I’ll be gunning for all of your asses when MvC3 comes out. I talked with EC and some others about getting together for MvC3 practice when it comes out.

Sorry if I didn’t get to meet everyone… I had to duck out a little early because my pregnant wife got hungry and wanted to spend some time with me. Glad the guys from the coast made it, but I’m sorry I couldn’t talk with any of you.

And my last name is Favre, even though it’s obviously pronounced differently, damn it. Stupid last name. lols.

Read, replied, excited. And I’ll hang on to the stick for you.

And you guys will also have to worry about me when MvC3 comes out. :wink: The EVO build’s rules were winner stays, loser walks… and I’ll put it this way – I typically sat down for 45-minutes to an hour each time. :wink:



Kyoji – for hosting the tournament, of course, but looks like you need to step up your spelling game.
Duck – for having the most baller stick ever, making me decide to get BBCS, and fixing my own stick, even if you probably wired it to explode if your saltiness on FB was any indication.
David and the rest of the group from Hattiesburg/Petal – for even making me consider going in the first place, and giving me a ride. Get the fuck on SRK already!
AceKombat – for winning Super. I pretty much knew you were gonna win as soon as I realized nobody from LA and very few from TN were coming. :stuck_out_tongue:
JRockEclipse – for toughing it out with that shitacular pad. Hope you can find a better one.

Hope we get a good turnout on the coast next Friday!