Red September 3 Results

I would 1st off like to Thank everyone for coming out to support the Mississippi scence this past saturday. I saw alot of familiar faces and alot of new ones. Our fighting game community is still contining to grow bigger and bigger at each tournament and we can’t do nothing but get alot better. Hopefully as we continue to grow we can someday become a major factor not only in the SOUTH but in the USA as well. Below are the results for each game played at the tourney:


  1. Playa F
  2. blkwolverine
  3. Savage Bison
  4. Saito
  5. Ruthless Brothaz
  6. Trefox
  7. Torkeith
  8. Hensai

Marvel vs Capcom 3

  1. Cedric “Magnetoman” Washington
  2. GodLikeRushdown
  3. Brett “Viceturso” Jordan
  4. John “Duckie” Wade
  5. Kenny
  6. Cloud777
  7. DJ Young Venon
  8. Thomas

Tekken 6

  1. Nicholas Levy
  2. Kendrick Rodgers
  3. Thomas
  4. Jeremy Bennett
  5. Brett Viceturso Jordan
  6. Dallas
  7. John Duckie Wade
  8. Ishiki Collins

Mortal Kombat 9

  1. Playa F
  2. Kendrick Rodgers
  3. GodLikeRushdown
  4. Dallas
  5. Dabiddo
  6. Shuyoo

Street Fighter 3 3rd Strike

  1. Hensai
    2 Playa F
  2. GodLikeRushdown
  3. blkwolverine
  4. Kendrick Rodgers
  5. Kyoji24
  6. Ido
  7. Nicholas Levy

Those are you results and now its time to start plaining for Cinderslam 3. Again thank you all for coming out and I plan on seeing you at the next event!!!

Good times.