Red September Results


Man, yesterday was a blast with all the guys coming out to help support the community. Big thanks to all the guys coming from TEXAS, MEMPHIS, ALABAMA, NEW ORLEANS and the local MISSISSIPPIANS. I was so nevervous and but yet excited to have our first ever major tournament here in the state that I didn’t get any sleep the night before but things worked out just fine. That Vegita-X dude is a beast in all fighting games :wgrin:, he’s very talented and a kool cat. I really enjoyed talking and playing against other players like kenmasters, Legendary Gouku, SpinU, sinister-x, serverin-x, lord jas, flymike, lycan, pjan, and the list goes on:lovin:. Thanks again guys for coming out to help and get some good games in, the next tourney will be bigger and better. Below I will post the top players within each game that we did get the chance to play.

Street Fighter 4

2. Legendary G3.
3. Spin U
4. Jacob
5. Sinister X

Capcom vs Snk 2

  1. Legendary G
  2. TexasPower
  3. Kenmasters
  4. K yoji24

Tekken 5

  1. ShinBlade
  2. EC
  3. Legendary G
  4. Firestorm
  5. Flymike


  1. Jacob
  2. Kenmasters
  3. Viceturso
  4. Lord Jas

Marvel vs Capcom 2

  1. Vegita-X
  2. Ill chris
  3. lil zay
  4. lord jas

Again I must say thanks to al that came out to the tourney, it was alot of fun and we all must get together again.


Cockroach Fighter 2009

  1. DaRabidDuckie

It’s the only thing I placed at. :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha, oh yeah at ihop lmbo.


good job N.O.


could you give a list of all who went and location of each? also any videos? I want to see how the ms players did.


Hell yea N.O ! :smiley: Wish I could have gone now :frowning:


Awesome tournament Met alot of cool cats from diffrent states, lots of fun , kyoji ur a cool cat aswell !!!:woot:


Boots are top tier in that game by the way.


Just below Raid. :lol:

Hell yeah SA! Nem is my hero! In related news, he has changed his handle to “More Than Legendary Gokou”. :nunchuck:


was a good tourney… upset that more locals didnt come like they said they would in the original thread. but ill just say it was cause of rain they couldnt make it and not because of nerves

patrick dude. sick gief. wish we had a gief player in texas. we do but he lives in houston. damn dude. sick. maybe i should practice everyday. veg-x i must say is the gief guru!!!:nunchuck:

had fun. road trip was freakin sick and had a near death experience.:wow:


Man oh man wut a weekend! First off big thanks to kyoji and the 32 bit crew for putting this tourney together in the first place. Great job! I had so much fun saturday despite the fact that i was running back and forth between brackets in sf4,tekken and blazblue all at the same time lol
I met a lot of cool cats and got to chill with pat’s crew which was mad fun! We all stayed at ihop till nearly 11pm,lmao! Good times!

Highlights of the day includes…
Pat loosing to ec in sf4 and being sent to loosers only to come back and beast his way out of it and take ec out in a rematch and going all the way to finals and taking it home. I told ya you don’t mess with the chief!!!

Sinister-x beasting with dhalsim and keeping me entertained. Lol

Ill chris showing how godlike he is in marvel by making sentinel do fast fly’s by merely moving the joystick in any direction without pressing any buttons. WTF??? Lmao!

Duckie for doing a mk style fatality on a big ass water bug by gutting it with a knife and vegita x almost passing out from nausea lmao!

And me beasting in blazblue and taking fourth. A game i have only played twice lmao!!!

Shoutouts to kyoji,man it was good meeting u and helping u out with the tourney,i look foward to u and the rest of ur boys to coming to memphis for some gaming.

Ido,good meeting u we will catch up on psn for some marvel training so send me a request.

Sinister x and his crew, it was good meeting all of u and sin it was great finally meeting u in person and playing marvel live! Good games dude.

Flymike and his crew, we will catch up soon, i’ll text u.

And vegita x and crew, it was good seeing u again and hangin out with u man. It was fun remembering why we hate marvel to begin with but yet we keep coming back for more lol. Kenmasters,good job raping me in blazblue and showing me how much i suck at it lol. Ill chris, gg’s man, you’re a beast!

And anyone else i might have missed it was fun meeting u all. Look foward to the mid-south championships coming to memphis tn may of next year.


good shit to all… thx for the love no homo… i jus wish there was more ppl that showed up for mvc2… and i also wish my stick didnt go out in the grand finals lol… its all good tho… see yall dudes soon


Appreciate Narada(Kyoji) for inviting me out to this. You’re a standup guy. Cool tourney and much respect to him and 32 Bit Crew for putting it together. But more than anything, having a genuine appreciation for people who came out. I know turnout was less than expected, so thanks for showing gratitude to the players who came out. This goes a long way.

Jose(Lord Jas), nice to see one other “Memphian” who ain’t afraid to travel lol. And much respect for scurrying around the place trying to make sure EVERY tourney was running correctly. You were a great asset in this regard. Thanks for keeping shit smooth and hype, and wrecking in BB. Fucking BB scrub. Lol. Can’t wait to help you with whatever is needed to get Mid-South Championships popping off.

Zavier(Lil Zay), what’s good dude? Still in front of that MAHvel all damn day like always. Ill Chris was hella good too. You dudes sitting in front of the MAHvel like ya’ll watching Saturday morning cartoons. We jetted before MAHvel tourney but I’m sure it was hype. ROFL at coming in Fun Fair drunk as fuck yesterday. I think blunt>alcohol gets better play though lol. Should’ve brought J-Rock to Jackson too.

John(DaRabidDuckie), nice to meet you man. GGs in everything and good shit with the real life T6 Armor King stomping. First it was beetles outside the venue and next I hear it was cockroaches at IHOP. We need to hire you for those big boss cockroaches at our arcade then. I like the Slayer cigars too. You’re a cool dude and I’ll try to come to Ole Miss sometime as well as let you know whenever Memphis/TN is having anything.

EC, I had recognized you from the forums and heard about you at one time or another, but didn’t put it together until Marcus(ShinBlade) had to play you in Finals and Rell(Lil Majin) coached him a bit. That bear was hot. Can’t wait to see what you do when T6 console drops since Kuma is a Mishima now lmfao. I’d say come to Game Galaxy to play T6BR but near 6 hour trip and Oct 27 is nearly here now.

GUCCI MANE lol(Bryan/Firestorm), GGs bro. Getting a streak on that laggy ass tv. Nice Jin/Law/every damn other character nontheless.

Leroy, GGs in the casual session. Should’ve got in the tourney. You were playing Kaz well enough on stick. Sorry we have to leave so soon. I wanted to get my stick and attempt to play Tek too lol.

Nice meeting Texas crew. Spin4U phat Rufus and thanks for using my Booty Stick more than me lol. TexasPower, nice Blanka man. And my fucking Kryptonite…Legendary Gokou. Dude had it out for me this tourney. LAST match, LAST round, LAST pixel losses to this man in Tekken TWICE. Each time I was like, “what shenanigans is he gonna do next?” then we dance around and I get breathed on lol. I wanted to shed tears. But the best man definitely won. Now because of this I got to go play and learn Ling just so another cat won’t ever creep up on me with that little bitch ever again. GGs man and good shit putting me in losers in SF. Ryu is a disrespectful character.

Nice meeting New Orleans crew. Jacob nice Bison and your Nu was upsetting A LOT of people. Stone(Kenmasters X)…KENMASTEEEERS!!

Anybody else I met but but didn’t mention I’m sorry. Some really cool guys I didn’t get to catch their names. And I blame that solely on all the people with “X” suffixes in their names and dudes with like 3 diff gamertags lol.

All in all, it was nice to come out and support and to see what the MISSUHSSIPPAY scene was hitting on. I look forward to hitting Jackson more.


I had a really good time at the tourney. It was easy to find, generally ran pretty smoothly. Bracket software would’ve been nice, and I wish a few more people had come, but there were plenty of set ups, lots of chill people, some nice competition… it was worth going to for sure.

Kyoji - thanks a lot for hosting this and putting it on. I felt very welcome. Also, thanks for the great directions to Buffalo Wild Wings… the wait was long as hell but it was the perfect place to catch some games. I think I actually got fifth in SF4, which isn’t in the results. Someone should have tied for fifth, and I lost to Jakob the round before he lost, so I think it was me. I don’t really care or anything, I just told several people I got fifth and I don’t want them to think I’m bullshitting :stuck_out_tongue:

Severin-X - you were too kind in the other thread. I was outpoking the shit out of you when you used Abel (but then again, Abel isn’t exactly a footsie master), but then our fight in the tourney when you were Boxer was very even and enjoyable. I know you just about had a stroke after that missed ultra, and I don’t blame you, but you played well all tourney from what I saw. Catch you on PSN

Sinister-X - it was a blast playing your Sim, definitely the best I’ve played. Really enjoyed talking to you, too. Let’s play online and keep in touch

Vegita-X - awesome stuff. I wish I could have faced you in the tourney, or that your stick hadn’t broken during our MM, because I think Akuma vs. Gief is fun as hell actually, provided the Gief is good, which you are :slight_smile: I’m sure I’ll see you at a future tourney

Lord Jas - great job with the brackets. Many bracket arguments were quickly ended thanks to your experienced voice! :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll see you again I’m sure

Guy who claimed he was VOFAM - fuck I forgot your handle and I don’t think I ever got your real name, but I enjoyed talking to you and playing those casuals with you. Your good spirits definitely made the tourney more fun

Kenmasters - nice Akuma, keep it up. Hit me up online if you do PSN, I’d be interested to play your Gouken, too

Jakob - gg and good talking to you

TexasPower - I was really pissed after I lost to you because I thought I had gotten a lot better against Blanka, and your buddies made me think you were a scrub (last time I will make that mistake), but you played well all tournament. Nice meeting you

Overall, it was everything I thought a Southern tourney would be like… smaller than one up in the northeast, but very welcoming and fun. I’m sure I forgot someone - hit me up ! :slight_smile:


I think I’m going to parody FlyMike and get myself a Boobie Stick of like, Keely Hazell’s rack or something.


Duckie: That would be awesome. Rack > Ass anyway

Poe: A heart attack was right man. Abel and Rog are my mains but my Abel was garbage on Sat so I had to switch up. Its all good though because I have been practicing execution since I got back home. I dont know when you are usually on PSN but I work from home so mid afternoons are usually when I am available.


Good shit to kyoji for running the tournament, turnout wasn’t too bad but next time I’m sure it’ll be better!

DaRabidDuckie: Good shit at Ihop owning that cockroach. :rofl: ggs in BB, hopefully we’ll play each other again on psn when I finallyl feel like getting on.

Flymike: Good seeing you again, your Johnny makes me cringe. :stuck_out_tongue: Gotta play more GG sometime.

Poe22222: Good shit with your akuma man, it could’ve went either way the reckless way we were playing. In hindsight I probably could’ve picked another character, but oh well. I’ll add you on psn sometime so you can play my Gouken, I don’t touch him much nowadays.

ViceVirtuoso: ggs in BB, it’s a shame we didn’t get to play too much Melty, but I was tired. Probably shouldn’t have entered in all those games. :confused:

ggs to San Antonio peeps. Legendary Goku for joking with me on CvS2, Sinister X for knocking me into losers first round in SF4, I forget who I barely beat with Gouken, and whoever I played in KOF 12. >_> I’m bad with names. Glad to meet you guys though.

Shin Blade: We need to play more GG, screw BB. Playing a game just for money is pretty shitty, but whatever. Good shit for beating me in Tekken, I should play that more. We should hit it up when 6 comes out.

I think I got most people, but if I forgot anyone I’m sorry! :frowning:

One main complaint I have is that you guys should’ve set a concrete schedule ages beforehand, so that people wouldn’t ask about when any game was about to start and then you guys change your minds about the time for SF4 THE DAY BEFORE. This is bad for people who are coming for certain games and were trying to get there at a certain time.

Anyway, had lots of fun and hopefully next time I won’t be there with 4 hours of sleep. :frowning:


Hey don’t give me ideas. Next time you see me I may have an “Instant Erection” Stick. That’d probably be one of the greatest evils known to man. :rofl:

My JO is from the projects, not wealthy like yours lol. Used to be ghetto faboulous two years ago but alas, time hasn’t been good to the Pimpin Pedo. Felt like my hands were moving in slow motion. I’d love to start playing GG again, pick up where I left off but I doubt I’d ever get back into it again. Although I did take notes on how you thoroughly raped me. Play more Tekken and then MM me. :cool:


**Poe22222 **- The look on your face when i casually mentioned my PSN Id as VOFAM was hilarious!!! Obviously I was kidding. Feel free to add me on PSN it’s pJan.


That was some funny shit - I am always pulling people’s legs and saying things to people where they don’t know if I’m serious or kidding (and often, neither do I), but I guess I myself am not en garde lol You sold it perfectly.