Red trim on TE stick!

The red strim that goes around the TE artwork.

I notice alot of people are taking them out when they mod they’re TE stick and using arts plexi instead. How does this feel without the trim…also was wondering if anyone was willing to sell the trim.

Willing to pay $3 plus shipping.

Or does anyone know where I could find this type of stuff. Have a custom stick and want to add something like this on it.


It’s actually called bezel. I recommend putting up a topic in the trading forum like “WTB TE Bezel” or something like that. I’m sure some people have it and don’t need it. When I get my plexi cover I’d be willing to sell you mine.

Yeah why do people trash it? I think it looks nice.

I liked to paint mine or buy a different color.

Some people don’t like the feel of it when it rubs against your hands.

I just put an Art Hong plexi on my modded TE stick. Changed out the art and swapped all the Sanwa hardware for Seimitsu buttons and an LS-32-01. I’m totally comfortable with the Plexi AND bezel I have. Great case, Mad Katz! Kudos to the stick designers! In some ways, I prefer this case to the Hori RAP series…

The TE bezel’s never been an issue for me as long as I remove the darn thing completely. It’s easy to maneuver it around the stick and metal faceplate. Saves it from the inevitable scratching that occurs if you leave it in your general work area.

I’m kind of hoping Mad Catz changes the bezel color on the next run of sticks starting with the Marvel Vs Capcom 2 stick (unless the red matches the artwork).

The Asian-variety TE sticks look very nice with the black bezels. I’m tempted to recolor a red bezel black if I can get my hands on a PS3 Asian TE stick. It’s sort of up in the air, however, as to the final cinfiguration of these sticks. There have been pictures of them with black or red bezels, and at least one picture of an Asian 360 TE with multi-color buttons.

I guess we’ll see whenever the pre-orders for the Asian TE sticks go up…